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Whirling with Bob Atkinson

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The first line of each haiku or senryu is taken from “The Poet as a Politician” by Arizona poet Bob Atkinson.

that murky water
settling in darker places
where we dare not swim
~~ ~~ ~~
By weeping mothers
the name of the street is changed—
~~ ~~ ~~
In spite of our way,
we are able to create
music that God sings.
~~ ~~ ~~
A blanket woven
from worn words and wren feathers
warms the old woman.
~~ ~~ ~~
In other places
the calls to die come daily—
here we stop our ears.
~~ ~~ ~~
Primitive demon,
I would have you change my mind—
train me in your ways!
~~ ~~ ~~
We love each other,
even though March winds chill us,
causing us to faint.
~~ ~~ ~~
Truths devised our dream—
now we share that dream with you,
~~ ~~ ~~
I like this writing—
it can stretch the galaxy
to admit our souls.

© 2013 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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