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Blackbird, Blackbird

Blackbird, blackbird perching in the tree,
What is this song you’re singing to me?
Where did you find it? Under a stone?
Maybe it came from the dead man’s bone.
Strange is the tune, and odd are the words—
Mysteries held by no other birds.
Blackbird, blackbird, the stories you tell—
Some are of heaven, some are of hell.
Everything’s cryptic, nothing is clear;
You sing, I quake with frissons of fear.
Blackbird, blackbird, will you ever cease
Singing dark songs and give me some peace?

Poem © 2021 by Magical Mystical Teacher

Love in 5-7-5 Time

whatever you love
cuts you like a knife, carving
canyons in your flesh
someone who loves you
washes away everything
you thought essential
ceaseless floods of love
grind your soul’s granite to silt
washing it downstream
layer by layer
what’s inside you is revealed
by your lover’s art


© 2021 by Magical Mystical Teacher

Haibun: Easter Meal

The anchovies on the pizza were too salty, and I’m desperately thirsty. I keep trying to drink some water, but the table wobbles and it’s hard for me to pick up the glass. I never expected to be eating alone in a sad café on a chilly Easter Sunday. Through the dirty window an almost biblical scene unfolds: sheep grazing on lush grass. A shepherd has led them there. It’s so restful to watch that I close my eyes for a moment. But the impatient water prods me back to awareness by snapping out a single word: “Finished?”

On a windy day
the white dove loses her song
somewhere on the way.


Haibun © 2021 by Magical Mystical Teacher 


Shimmering Trees

DSC_0160 (1)
Lockett Meadow Campground, Coconino National Forest near Flagstaff, Arizona.
Blue sky, golden leaves—
a perfect day in autumn
etched in memory.

## ~~ ## ~~ ##

Over the mountain a patch of blue sky
Catches my wandering, vagabond eye.
I look past the golden, shimmering trees,
And dream of sailing on distant blue seas.

Photo and poems © by Magical Mystical Teacher

When I Forgot My Morning Smile

When I forgot my morning smile, the fish reminded me
That every river wants to rush headlong into the sea.
When blackbirds carried messages beyond the barnyard fence,
Five famous people came to see—they paid but seven pence.
If shuffling gets me to my goal, I’ll shuffle day and night,
But barefoot I will have to go—my boots are much too tight!
Remember on the day I die: No wailing is allowed!
Now promise me that buttonholes will decorate my shroud.

Poem © 2021 by Magical Mystical Teacher

Nonsense to Celebrate Daylight Saving Time

Water spilling from a cup—
Will you help me wipe it up?
Grass is crying in the rain—
Watch out now, here comes a train!
Throw the broken plate away,
And then ask your friend to play.
Sing and sway, don’t rock the boat!
Just remember: Stones can’t float!

Poem © 2021 by Magical Mystical Teacher

Haibun: Some Wild Thing

Some wild thing roves outside my door. It always comes at twilight. It moves stealthily among the shadows, zigzagging, never in a straight line. It is so swift—like a meteor’s flash or the whirling rings of Saturn—that I barely catch a glimpse of it. But I know it’s there—a constant presence as night comes on. Does it mean to harm me or to help me? I’m not sure, so in order to sleep I check the door locks and chains once more.

The Book of Bad Luck—
why do I keep reading it?
I know how it ends.


Haibun © 2021 by Magical Mystical Teacher 


Looking for My Mind

I keep looking for my mind, but looking is hard work.
Some folks watching me, I’m sure, consider me a jerk.
If I could find my rightful mind, maybe I could play,
Be lighthearted once again, and laugh the livelong day.
But finding minds ain’t easy; and mine’s been lost so long,
It would take a miracle to right this bitter wrong.

Poem © 2021 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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Birds, Songs, and Longings

As we near the lake,
geese arc over the water,
honking a greeting.
Settling on her nest
at the water’s edge, a duck
keeps her egg clutch warm.
Rippling mountain stream,
who composed the song you sing?
Surely not the crow!
Drifting and gliding
over the ocean’s surface,
seagulls hunt for fish.
Midwinter longing—
if I had wings like a dove,
I’d fly far away.


Haiku © 2021 by Magical Mystical Teacher


The Spiritual Godfather

An homage to Lawrence Ferlinghetti, with phrases found in his New York Times obituary:

At the end of his life,
the spiritual godfather
at dawn
starts wailing:
Sharp humor and social consciousness
like Galilee,
like smoke.