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Half a Whirl with Yeats



The first line of each haiku or senryu is taken from “A Prayer for My Daughter” by William Butler Yeats.

This week’s whirling words are: damp, trapped, husk, shook, bring, corners,
bundles, climbed, bolts, storm, remain, ash


May she be granted
bundles of inspiration
and perseverance.
~~ ~~ ~~
Minds that I have loved
crumbled to ash long ago—
flowered serpent, come.
~~ ~~ ~~
May her bridegroom bring
in the covert of his hand
trembling wrens of joy.
~~ ~~ ~~
Is no obstacle
present to be climbed over?
Then I shall make one!
~~ ~~ ~~
Upon the tower
three guards remain in waiting,
lest the foe appear.
~~ ~~ ~~
Many a poor man
has taken the damp towpath
and lost his footing.

© 2012 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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