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The Cat’s Wisdom: A Haibun of Imagination

Yesterday at noon, when I opened my kitchen window, I looked out toward the clothesline, and saw the neighbor’s scruffy cat. “So, you’ve finally decided to wake up,” I said with a laugh. Instead of purring, the cat began snarling at me. It had my full attention! An intimate talk followed, although I will not tell you what was said. That moment stays between the cat and me, and I will hold onto it forever. Meanwhile, I’ve decided to listen. If anything can keep me from seeking the cat’s wisdom again, then I don’t deserve to hear its voice.

Fog envelops me,
yet I keep moving forward
on the unseen way.


Haibun © 2020 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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Write your name outside the box;
Help your neighbor mend her socks.
If you use your white paint first,
Things will go from worse to worst.
Anything on page sixteen
Will remain, by Jove, unseen.
Sentences are like a thread
Leading to the living dead.
Letters written by one’s hand
Are most certain to withstand
All the ravages of time,
Quite unlike this awful rhyme.

Poems © 2018 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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Insectivores and Such

 photo IMG_1718_zpsqm5wquts.jpg
Thistle in bloom, Yavapai County, Arizona


Good morning, dear insectivore,
Are you looking for your lunch?
Crickets, gnats and flies to crunch?
There are tasty ones, I’ve heard, down in Ecuador!
Good day to you, dear carnivore,
Will you gobble down the lamb,
Or content yourself with Spam
Eaten with a silver spoon from the oaken floor?
Best of times, dear herbivore!
All the plants you suck and chew
Surely will bring luck to you—
Lettuces and succulents, growing near the door!
And you, my dearest omnivore,
Surely you crave anything!
In summer, winter, fall or spring
Taking nourishment’s the thing that you most adore!


Poem © 2016 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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