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Blue Monday: Blurred Image

 photo DSC_0213_zpsa2ui8qpa.jpg
Photobucket is holding all my images hostage, including this one of old fruit crates in Yuma County, Arizona.

Photobucket blurs the image,
Adds their watermark as well.
Do they think I’ll pay a ransom?
All I’m going to do is yell!

Poem and photo © by Magical Mystical Teacher

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Keep on Singing

Sing of poems, sing of bleach,
Sing of games played on the beach.
Everything may be to blame,
But keep singing, just the same.
Sing humiliation down!
Sing to blur the monarch’s crown!
Wait not for the clown who smokes—
Make your own outrageous jokes!
Dizzy though you be with fear,
Keep on singing! Sing, my dear!

Poem © 2019 by Magical Mystical Teacher

Bits and Pieces

 photo d0dd5ef7-030d-4c38-9b83-d4a0c4bbeff2_zpsuzpgjumf.jpg

~~ 1 ~~
leaning on his cane
grandpa in the nursing home
ogles the nurses
~~ 2 ~~
cat in the kitchen
unwinding a ball of yarn
with his white-tipped paw
~~ 3 ~~
rushing out the door
without glancing backward once—
terrified priestess
~~ 4 ~~
ravenous seagull
hovering near the dumpster—
last night’s crumbs for lunch
~~ 5 ~~
summer afternoon—
the ringing of clear laughter
from the neighbor’s yard
~~ 6 ~~
out-of-date lenses—
a minor blur in vision
makes him look again
~~ 7 ~~
rusting ship’s anchor
cast down at the water’s edge—
one crab scuttles by
~~ 8 ~~
old man’s rheumy eyes
flicker in recognition
in the nursing home

Haiku © 2016 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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