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 photo SonoranJuly2013256a_zps1422fba7.jpg
Threat of summer rain, Sonoran Desert, Southern Arizona

For seven halcyon days, the pilgrim has made her way through the wilderness, but now the sky is overcast. Rain is imminent. May I find shelter from the storm, she prays. But even as the last word leaves her lips, the first drops of rain begin to fall. Harder and harder they strike. Soon the pilgrim is drenched. She sinks to her knees, lifts her face to the heavens: All things come from You. All things serve You. Blessed be Your name. A bedraggled raven appears, landing on her shoulder. Its raucous caw sounds almost like human speech. It seems to be urging her toward a distant hill. At the foot of the hill, she sees a caravanserai. There she can shed her sodden garments and rest until the storm passes. Its mission accomplished, the raven takes flight.

how startled lizards
seek shelter from the deluge
under twigs and stones

Text and photo © 2013 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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