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When I Forgot My Morning Smile

When I forgot my morning smile, the fish reminded me
That every river wants to rush headlong into the sea.
When blackbirds carried messages beyond the barnyard fence,
Five famous people came to see—they paid but seven pence.
If shuffling gets me to my goal, I’ll shuffle day and night,
But barefoot I will have to go—my boots are much too tight!
Remember on the day I die: No wailing is allowed!
Now promise me that buttonholes will decorate my shroud.

Poem © 2021 by Magical Mystical Teacher

Eat Some Beef, Throw a Stone

~~ ~~ 1 ~~ ~~
Eat some beef, throw a stone,
Carry hay, gnaw a bone;
Something good will soon appear—
Isn’t everything quite clear?
~~ ~~ 2 ~~ ~~
Apricots are turning ripe,
Whiskey’s in the water pipe,
Running cold and fast and free—
Will you have a drink with me?
~~ ~~ 3 ~~ ~~
Pipers piped and dancers danced,
Horses horsed and prancers pranced;
Sensors sensed that all was clear—
It was just that time of year.
~~ ~~ 4 ~~ ~~
Archaic is the padlock,
Archaic is the key,
Archaic is the gate post,
Archaic just like me!
~~ ~~ 5 ~~ ~~
Shoulders, fingers, knees and toes—
What’s that tattoo on your nose?
Why’s it there, for pity’s sake?
It looks like a rattlesnake!

Poems © 2018 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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A seaside sanctuary, Puerto Nuevo, Baja California Norte, México

I will build a sanctuary,
using nothing but a piece of string
a beam, and a post.
It may seem inadequate,
or a mean affair,
but it will not shake
during times of earthquake,
nor will it leave me poor,
for in it my soul will be reborn
as old, familiar prayers trigger
freshets of new meaning
into my everyday life.
It will carry me through
flood and fire, locust and hail,
or any other plague that comes.
This is what a sanctuary is for,
and this is why I pick this place
beside the sea.


Poem and photo © 2017 by Magical Mystical Teacher


Ice-skating rink, Plaza de Armas, Zacatecas, México

festive afternoon
round and round the skaters glide—
how they carry on!

Haiku © 2015 and photo © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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Beach stones photo stonesPuertoNuevo_zps58c7a67b.jpg
Puerto Nuevo, Baja California Norte, México

great expectations
entangled in fishing line
I catch the sunrise

with sun-warmed stones as trinkets
I carry the light back home

*Opening gambit © by Ese at Ese’s Voice
Final two lines and photo © 2014 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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