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Teaching Forever

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Sometimes I think I can teach forever.
Sometimes the dark circles under my eyes
tell me that it’s foolish to try to teach one more hour.
Last night the angels of sleep
abandoned me,
interrupted my erotic dream,
laughed at me in my distress!
Now it’s five o’clock Monday morning
and I’m propping up my head with one hand
while writing this lament with the other.
I’d like to forget my lesson plans
and start reading a good book
until I fall asleep again,
waking up around noon
to write fragments of poetry
or a letter to a friend.
Instead, I have to eat breakfast, shower
and change into something suitable for work.
Then I have to drag my weary body
into my classroom where sixteen sullen students
with learning disabilities
will watch me impassively as I try to teach them
about figurative language:
Simi—what? Meta—who? Personifi—why?
We don’t care.

Is their theft of my time worth it,
their theft that leaves me wasted?
Today, probably not.
But tomorrow or the day after
something might change.
And that is the hope that keeps me going,
the grace that spurs me on,
even when all the light is gone
and all I want to do
is crawl back under the covers.


© 2015 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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pheasant’s-eye* corsage—
frivolous decoration
pinned to her new dress
~~ ~~ ~~
pheasant’s-eye corsage—
the amicable florist
sells it for a song
~~ ~~ ~~
unrefined corsage
made of wilted pheasant’s eye—
still the poor one sings

© 2015 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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* pheasant’s eye: a flower also known in Japan as New Year’s Day Plant


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~~ 1 ~~
safe from prying eyes
one straight line of a love note
hidden in a book
~~ 2 ~~
safe from prying eyes
the limit of her patience
with its fraying edge
~~ 3 ~~
safe from prying eyes
a lane ensconced in shadows
somewhere in south Wales
~~ 4 ~~
safe from prying ears
the sound of wasted water
dripping down a drain
~~ 5 ~~
safe from prying eyes
all the pornographic parts
snipped and snapped and tossed
~~ 6 ~~
safe from prying eyes
forgotten case of whisky
underneath the stairs
~~ 7 ~~
safe from prying eyes
the old farmhouse east of town
where black widows weave
~~ 8 ~~
safe from prying eyes
a single grain of sugar
underneath the bowl
~~ 9 ~~
safe from prying eyes
children hidden in the reeds
near the river’s bend
~~ 10 ~~
safe from prying eyes
the way that leads from bondage
through a parting sea
~~ 11 ~~
safe from prying ears
the sound of Gaza’s mothers
weeping for their dead

© 2014 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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