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To think of myself’s not a chore;
I’m neither a prude nor a boor.
I haven’t a clue
What I think of you,
But of me I want to know more!
The “more” that I know might confuse
The sensible side of my muse.
She tends to profess
That I am a mess—
But what does she know of my ruse?

Limericks © 2018 by Magical Mystical Teacher
I wrote the first limerick in June for the prompt “When I Think About Myself.” I’ve now conjoined it with a new limerick for the prompt “A Bundle of Contradictions.”
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Fishing Tales

 photo 157_zps56d52a1a.jpg

~~ 1 ~~
seven fishing boats
rocking imperceptibly
in a gentle swell
~~ 2 ~~
fishing line tangles
twice around the willow limb—
Elijah returns
~~ 3 ~~
fishing through the mess
in the middle desk drawer—
pages torn from Psalms
~~ 4 ~~
fishing from the bridge
with a stolen rod and reel—
Egypt lies downstream
~~ 5 ~~
how her heart aches
fishing for compliments
that never come
~~ 6 ~~
deep-water fishing—
nothing God says in mercy
keeps Jonah on land
~~ 7 ~~
sharp prongs of lightning—
a fleet of fishing trawlers
limping back to shore
~~ 8 ~~
fishing boots with holes—
watching prophets weave and sway
limping round puddles
~~ 9 ~~
guts bloody the sink
from this morning’s fishing trip
to Lake Galilee

© 2014 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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