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The Parting

“I know that I will miss you,” he said with a slight shrug.
“But the cat has lost its tail, there’s darkness on the rug,
And cruelty is sport for fools, of which I am one;
Better we should part this day, and let the deed be done.”
“I will not discourage you,” she said without a sigh.
“You’ve been just short of horrible in all the years gone by.
You thought that I was fragile, you thought I was a toad,
But I withstood your onslaughts—now go, and hit the road!”

Poem © 2018 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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Six Aphorisms

No true patriot is petty.
Yesterday’s cauldrons are not meant for today’s soup.
She who broods lives only to hate.
The dust will endure long after you are gone.
It is clear that no one will miss the sarcastic person.
Athwart is a word seldom used, for obvious reasons.


© 2017 by Magical Mystical Teacher
More Sunday’s Whirligig #132


 photo jelly_w-1_zps4ac306d0.jpg

~~ 1 ~~
Outside my window
I miss the morning crickets—
paradise is lost.
~~ 2 ~~
Long before daybreak
a cricket in the cotton
leaves her voice behind.
~~ 3 ~~
three motley crickets
hiding from ravenous birds
in a green bean row
~~ 4 ~~
a broken platter—
crickets jumping at the chance
for dabs of jelly
~~ 5 ~~
the long trip homeward—
hoping to hear one cricket
in her mother’s room
~~ 6 ~~
On a day this hot,
you’d think that crickets would bake
and centipedes broil.
~~ 7 ~~
Drunk cricket lovers
catch the train to celebrate
their team’s victory.

© 2014 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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Sonoran sunrise.January 2014 photo sunriseJan14_zpsfb0aeecb.jpg
Sunrise, Sonoran Desert, Southern Arizona

bright edge of morning
where rainbow colors balance—
two crows miss their part

Text and photo © 2014 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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