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To think of myself’s not a chore;
I’m neither a prude nor a boor.
I haven’t a clue
What I think of you,
But of me I want to know more!
The “more” that I know might confuse
The sensible side of my muse.
She tends to profess
That I am a mess—
But what does she know of my ruse?

Limericks © 2018 by Magical Mystical Teacher
I wrote the first limerick in June for the prompt “When I Think About Myself.” I’ve now conjoined it with a new limerick for the prompt “A Bundle of Contradictions.”
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It’s in the Bag

174 photo 174_zps286c9f96.jpg

~~ 1 ~~
an old demimonde
brown paper bag in her hand
munching stale bonbons
~~ 2 ~~
bag of oranges
spilling on the kitchen floor—
mouse runs for cover
~~ 3 ~~
rainy afternoon—
groping for her knitting bag
in the grey half-light
~~ 4 ~~
in the asylum
inmates picking through a bag
of cast-off clothing
~~ 5 ~~
in a marketplace
somewhere east of Africa
wisdom by the bag
~~ 6 ~~
for her transgression
a silken bag of demons
slicing up her heart
~~ 7 ~~
a paper bag of dog shit
tossed on my front porch
~~ 8 ~~
for wannabe men
seventeen rites of passage
hidden in a bag
~~ 9 ~~
the old believer’s
unwavering allegiance
to God’s bag of tricks
~~ 10 ~~
everlasting shame—
nothing grand about the bag
that holds his jewels
~~ 11 ~~
candle in a bag
sending out a feeble light
on this holy eve
~~ 12 ~~
how she fears to be
reborn as a cricket’s leg
or an empty bag
~~ 13 ~~

© 2014 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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