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It Is Enough

The malcontents keep telling us that the way things are
Is not good enough, and that everything must change
In einen Augenblick, as my German grandmother says.
It’s all right if the true believer flees the wrath to come.
It’s all right if you can’t stay upbeat when your mother dies.
It’s all right if you have to scramble for a living.
Let the hungry waves keep nibbling at the shore.
Let the rotten fruit melt slowly back into the earth.
Let the blackbird fly away, never to return.
It’s all right if you find enchantment in the depths.
It’s all right if you lose the key to happiness.
It’s all right if the one you hope to charm does not respond.
In this tumultuous world, where broken bones abound,
It is enough to whistle feebly when the lights go out.
It is enough to cause one sad child to laugh.


Poem © 2012 by Magical Mystical Teacher; revised 2018
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To the thief who stole my guitar:

I know that Jesus tells me to turn the other cheek
and to pray for them that persecute me.
But I deeply grieve my loss,
and like the fiery prophets of old,
I have a vision for you:
May someone drive bamboo splinters
under your fingernails,
so that when you strum the stolen strings
you cry out in agony.
May you live in constant fear,
hearing voices gibbering in the night.
May scenes of hell disturb your sleep.
May peace flee from you like dust before the wind.
May regret pierce your soul
like ten thousand rusty knives,
and may the bleeding never stop.
If ever you are caught,
may you be locked up so long
that you never walk out alive.
May the jangle of the jailer’s keys
be the first music you hear each morning
and the last sound you hear at night.
And may I be privileged to hear your death rattles
just before the jailers carry you out feet first
to dump you in an unmarked grave.
So be it.


Poem © 2011 and revised 2017 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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 photo DSC_0091201_zpszywz2nof.jpg
On the shore of Upper Lake Mary, Coconino National Forest, Arizona

A quiet place to compose poetry…

Text and photo © 2016 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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In This World of Lies

117 photo 117_zps06dc764e.jpg

Those without a conscience keep telling us that they
Will never make a mistake, and that we should trust them—
After all, they say, what are friends for?

It’s all right if you have to use Google Translate
To understand their doublespeak.
It’s all right if you get sick of hearing their words.

Let the hungry children keep whimpering for milk.
Let food stamps go the way of the penny postcard.
Let the old ones faint and stumble in the streets.

It’s all right if you detect sarcasm in these words.
(Every poem’s a lab for righteousness and truth.)
It’s all right if you must rest to catch a second wind.

In this world of lies, intricately woven,
It is enough to leave a little note of love on a pillow;
It is enough to walk together, and not alone.


© 2013 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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Forever Spent

105 photo 105_zpsdc06781f.jpg
The following poem is composed of bits and pieces borrowed from other Wordlers this morning. Those who unwittingly contributed will recognise their work, and I thank them profusely. Links to the poems whose lines and phrases I have purloined appear in order at the end of this poem.


Nearly two years have passed
news was shipped in from all corners of this land:
The infidels you hated
in the struggle,
who bomb the city at their whim,
promise to thrive.

What can we do but
seek shelter within the confines
this land of lush, bursting possibility,
even though our
hardened hearts rage against
shock of recognition
that we ourselves are the ones we fear?
It feels like resilience dies here,
forever spent.


© 2013 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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“Journey of Resilience” by P. Wanken
“Complications” by Jules Paige
“Journey of Resilience” by P. Wanken
“In the Naked Glory I Forget Myself” by Gautami Tripathy
“Culture Aftershock” by Walt Wojtanik
“Caught” by Brenda Warren
“Ah Infidels” by Pearl Ketover Prilik
“Culture Aftershock” by Walt Wojtanik
“After Breaking” by Elizabeth
“Our Silent Struggles” by Leo
“Ah Infidels” by Pearl Ketover Prilik

Flinging Words Away

99 photo 99_zps63d45887.jpg

Written on a window in a fearsome hand—
Fourteen quaint conundrums, hard to understand.
Part of them are Hindi, six of them are Greek,
All of them are playing games of hide-and-seek.
Paint was used to daub them on the panes of glass,
Where the townsfolk gather and outsiders pass.
Intimate connections drew the strangers here
To the storefront window where the words appear.
Someone in the nighttime flung the words away,
Her whole body hopeful that by light of day
Things would be made clearer, intimate and free—
Hence the hand that painted, hence this wordy spree.
And the artful painter? She reserves the right
To remain in shadows, keeping out of sight.


© 2013 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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Hiding Place