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On seeing the world about them go splash,
They put on their helmets, ready to dash
Into the glimmering, shimmering waves
That will soon carry them into their graves.
They haven’t a prayer, they haven’t a chance,
They run through the door, preparing to dance
With spiraling waves that will not forgive—
Deadly the moments the boys won’t outlive.
Could ever there be a much sadder song
Than that of a day when all things go wrong?
Maybe the wrong would turn right, if we cared,
But plague time is here, and we’re unprepared.


Poem © 2020 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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Prayer House

 photo DSC_0038202_zpsqxmb0py2.jpg
Old adobe building, Santa Rosa Plateau Ecological Preserve, Riverside County, California.

little house of prayer
in the shadows of the oak—
come, O Spirit, come

Haiku and photo © by Magical Mystical Teacher

Three Prayers for Autumn

God of the kitchen,
may nothing dreadful emerge
from my bubbling pot.
~~ ~~ ~~
God of corn and wheat,
may harvests be abundant
on my little farm.
~~ ~~ ~~
God of stone and star,
may I not forget the ways
that you sustain me.

Haiku © 2018 by Magical Mystical Teacher


 photo DSC_0042201_zps5gc5yjlt.jpg
Mourning dove, Yuma Pioneer Cemetery, Yuma, Arizona

First spring funeral—
after the priest’s final prayer,
a dove coos amen.

Haiku and photo © 2016 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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