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Haibun: Some Wild Thing

Some wild thing roves outside my door. It always comes at twilight. It moves stealthily among the shadows, zigzagging, never in a straight line. It is so swift—like a meteor’s flash or the whirling rings of Saturn—that I barely catch a glimpse of it. But I know it’s there—a constant presence as night comes on. Does it mean to harm me or to help me? I’m not sure, so in order to sleep I check the door locks and chains once more.

The Book of Bad Luck—
why do I keep reading it?
I know how it ends.


Haibun © 2021 by Magical Mystical Teacher 


Alligator Near the Tree: Silly Songs for Sunday

Alligator near the tree,
Are you peeking out at me?
What will happen if I blink,
Alligator in the sink?
~~ ~~ ~~
The firecrackers fizzle out after getting wet.
The outline of the walrus becomes a silhouette.
~~ ~~ ~~
These hobbits cannot walk straight,
Yet silently they glide
On their hairy little feet
While weaving side to side.
~~ ~~ ~~
Would you prefer I signal
With a spark or with a flame
As I contemplate the traits
That make you wild and not tame?

Poems © 2018 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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 photo 173_zpsf544b713.jpg

~~ 1 ~~
safe from prying eyes
one straight line of a love note
hidden in a book
~~ 2 ~~
safe from prying eyes
the limit of her patience
with its fraying edge
~~ 3 ~~
safe from prying eyes
a lane ensconced in shadows
somewhere in south Wales
~~ 4 ~~
safe from prying ears
the sound of wasted water
dripping down a drain
~~ 5 ~~
safe from prying eyes
all the pornographic parts
snipped and snapped and tossed
~~ 6 ~~
safe from prying eyes
forgotten case of whisky
underneath the stairs
~~ 7 ~~
safe from prying eyes
the old farmhouse east of town
where black widows weave
~~ 8 ~~
safe from prying eyes
a single grain of sugar
underneath the bowl
~~ 9 ~~
safe from prying eyes
children hidden in the reeds
near the river’s bend
~~ 10 ~~
safe from prying eyes
the way that leads from bondage
through a parting sea
~~ 11 ~~
safe from prying ears
the sound of Gaza’s mothers
weeping for their dead

© 2014 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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