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Thursday 13: 2 + 1 = 13

(Two tanka plus one haiku equals 13 lines of poetry!)


These early mornings
when I am barely awake
three redwinged blackbirds
singing in the marsh below
make my weary heart rejoice.


In the sacred grove
seven elders hold council,
the moon is weeping—
what are these incantations
that make the planets tumble?


azaleas afire
burning brighter than ten suns—
holy flames rising


© 2010 by Magical Mystical Teacher

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Thursday 13: Haiku

Mist-shrouded mountains—

somewhere a cougar crouches,

hoping to crunch bones.

I could not say why

pelicans were whispering

while the dolphins danced.

Crumbling sandstone walls,

shadows keening like old men—

it is a sad song.

Forsythia fire!

Brilliant yellow blossom-flame

kindles my desire!

A candle burning

incense rising this morning

my heart rejoices

Ten thousand proverbs

are not enough to make me

quit reading your face.

Some apples and pears

placed on low wooden altar—

sweet feast for the gods.

Water over stones

leaves swirling in rough eddies—

ah, the mountain stream!

To the coyote:

Will you come again next spring

to eat my chickens?

Ancient olive trees

clinging to steep mountainside—

overhead a crow.

Pear leaf, your blushing

is my greatest pleasure when

moon waxes golden.

Four ripe persimmons

fat and blushing with sweetness—

so tantalizing!

Venerable tree,

how shall I tell my sorrow

to you this morning?

© 2010 by Magical Mystical Teacher