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My Companions

Words are my companions,
I take them everywhere:
Stone and pine and blackbird,
Porcupine and bear.
Words are my companions,
I hug them to myself:
Fork and spoon and teacup,
Honey, pantry, shelf.
Words are my companions,
I treasure every one;
Verbs and prepositions
Roll right off my tongue
Along with a salacious
Adjective or two;
Words are my companions—
I love what they can do!

Poem © 2021 by Magical Mystical Teacher

Haibun: Easter Meal

The anchovies on the pizza were too salty, and I’m desperately thirsty. I keep trying to drink some water, but the table wobbles and it’s hard for me to pick up the glass. I never expected to be eating alone in a sad café on a chilly Easter Sunday. Through the dirty window an almost biblical scene unfolds: sheep grazing on lush grass. A shepherd has led them there. It’s so restful to watch that I close my eyes for a moment. But the impatient water prods me back to awareness by snapping out a single word: “Finished?”

On a windy day
the white dove loses her song
somewhere on the way.


Haibun © 2021 by Magical Mystical Teacher 


Blue Monday & Ruby Tuesday Too: Fast Food

Travelers can find North American fast food even in Puebla, Mexico.
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Photo © by Magical Mystical Teacher


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Palm Sunday Walk

Palm Sunday. While out for my routine walk, I meet a local author on the bridge. “I admire your latest book, the one you signed and dated at the bookstore a few weeks ago. It was a good read,” I say. He smiles faintly, but says nothing—a stony silence. Perhaps his arthritic legs are stiff from the morning chill. Maybe he needs help negotiating the crosswalk at the intersection. No, for without even waving goodbye he resumes his limping gait. Bemused, I look for a coffee shop. Caffeine might clear my head.

Overcast spring day—
the tulips seems reluctant
to flaunt their colors.


Haibun © 2021 by Magical Mystical Teacher 


Ruby Tuesday: Tomatoes


honeyed by hot sun—

© 2010 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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Thanksgiving Break Begins

The kids would not wait for the bell;
They weren’t going to work, I could tell.
They jumped at the chance
To jabber and dance—
’Most all of them raised holy hell!

© 2009 by Magical Mystical Teacher

Six-Word Saturday: Seeing


When I pay attention, I see.

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Have Fun!

The lessons are over, they’re done;
The gradebooks are closed, every one.
Fair summer is here,
A time of good cheer—
So, teachers and students, have fun!


© 2009 by Magical Mystical Teacher

Mellow Yellow Monday: Playground

14.June.2009 012

yellow triangles—
handholds for fearless children
swinging and laughing


© 2009 by Magical Mystical Teacher

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Crowd Control

Dear First-Year Teacher,

Your classroom management skills will make or break you as a teacher. If your class is out of control, you can’t teach—it’s that simple.

Please, however, don’t expect all the kids to be quiet all of the time. That’s an unreasonable expectation, and teachers who hold it are bound to be disappointed.

Every classroom has its kid who thinks it’s all right to talk whenever he or she chooses. For that kid, I have an especially loathsome consequence. I tell the culprit to come to my room during lunch recess. I hand him (usually it’s a boy) the following paragraph and tell him to copy it exactly as it is printed:

I was not being responsible when I talked without permission in class, because I know it is against school rules. I was showing disrespect to myself and others by breaking the rule against talking without permission. I was not doing my personal best when I disrupted the class with my talking, because I knew there was a better way and I chose to ignore the better way. From now on, I will try to live up to these words of wisdom: I will be responsible. I will respect myself and others. I will be on time and choose to learn. I will follow directions. I will do my personal best—and that includes not talking in class without permission.

“Every word has to be spelled correctly,” I say, “and every punctuation mark has to be in place. If they’re not, you’ll start over—and keep starting over—until you get everything right.”

For some kids, one of these distasteful experiences is enough; they don’t want to miss one nanosecond of their free time, and henceforth they comply with the no-talking-without-permission rule.

For other kids, it takes several missed lunch recesses before they finally give up their chattering in the classroom.

This is my method for bringing peace and quiet to the classroom. It works (most of the time) for me. Maybe another method will work better for you. If it does, use it—and share it with your colleagues!

Yours for better crowd control,
Magical Mystical Teacher