Summer School: Day 10

Co-Teacher and I had a project left over from last week that we decided to try today: writing acrostic poems. These kids are no strangers to acrostics; they’ve written them throughout the year. After we gave them a list of proper names from the story, they went to work. Or tried to.

While they were pondering what to write, I dashed off four of my own:

Insists that Annemarie
Read a
Story about
The kings and queens
In olden times.

Was not in the hands of the
During the war; the
Enemy did
Not care about Sweden.

Inge did
Go to Sweden with
Ellen and the Rosens.

Everywhere by a Gestapo car.

OK, OK, the last one is rather grisly, and I shared it only with Co-Teacher, not with the kids. However, I can’t help but think that most of the boys would have relished it, precisely because of the implied guts and gore.

While I scribbled my acrostics, the kids tapped their pencils and stared into space. Most of them ended up stringing together discrete words from the story, like this:


Maybe their lack of creativity was because today was Monday. Or maybe it was because these kids are just plain sick of school (they got only a one-week break between the end of the school year and the start of summer school) and their brains are malfunctioning.

Despite the poor quality of most of the acrostics (it didn’t help that they wrote them on black construction paper in pencil so that I have to squint to read them!), T-Girl’s creation “worked.” You can see it in the photo.

Yeah, she could have improved the placement of the lines on the paper, but I’m not going to be too critical. After all, she’s a kid who usually complains about every assignment (“That’s boring! I don’t want to do that!”), but today she jumped into the project willingly and completed it quickly.

Maybe this is the heart of today’s lesson: Creativity can blossom when you stop complaining.

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  1. “Sometimes rude” — I love that! Hopefully the kids will wake up for you soon 🙂

  2. This looks like fun… I think I want to go to summer school. 😉

    Pretty (LOL!)
    Awesome (ROFLOL!)
    Zaftig (I recently learned this word from my word-a-day subscription. So glad the word came in handy. ) 😉

  3. Hi Mary. I dove into your archives and found this charming post. Kids can be so bone-headed and stubborn can’t they? Then one will surface like a firefly and surprise you. Then looks at you like you like “You’re surprised? Duh.” I loved Kristi’s acrostic especially because it sound so much like my stubborn and much loved, Krista. LOL

  4. Here’s to less complaining and more creativity!

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