Beyond the Walls


Sky beyond the walls,
I hear your bright blue singing—
teach me each clear note.

© 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher
Photo: Templo de Santiago Apostol, Tequila, Jalisco, México
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  1. the shadows lead us outward. inviting us to sit awhile in the sun.

  2. A lovely yearning in your photo and words! The shadow seems to lead the way to the light!

  3. The blue shadow that falls through the glass panes. We are invited to leave the cool and dark building and move to the warmth outside. The sky and people attract us to visit the beautiful outdoors…

  4. I like that curvy shape (and its’ reflection) in the foreground – is it a bench?

  5. The colors beyond
    Interior’s shadows call
    To us to join them.

  6. This is a beautiful shadow shot. I love the view onto the bright world outside and the mystery of the shadowy inside. lovely Haiku too!

  7. lovely shot – isn’t Mexico wonderfully photogenic??

  8. Quasi Serendipita asked my question and you answered, so I’ll just add, super shadow shot!

  9. I really like this view from the shadows into the light.

  10. I thought “Mexico” the minute I saw the scene outside. It’s perfect, standing in the shadowy interior, looking out at the street, the buildings, the people and the hills. Love it.
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie’s Guide to Adventurous Travel

  11. Very shadowey and cool looking inside,but warm looking and sunny on the outside.

  12. What a lovely shadow shot.

  13. Terrific shadow shot as always and, as always, the perfect words to match! Hope your weekend is off to a good start! Enjoy!


  14. I am very fond of ‘out the window’ shots, the hidden place and the wide beyond.

  15. Oh how we’d love to leave chilly Ohio and walk through your picture, through the passage that would magically take us to sunny Mexico! Great picture 🙂

  16. Ready to fly, inviting sky! 🙂

  17. your poem and photo are a beautiful blend…the shadows and light are like that clear tone you are listening so deeply to hear.

  18. Yes, there is light at the end of the tunnel…and SUNSHINE and WARMTH…it has ‘the lazy days of summer’ kinda feel to this shot, like it’s time for a siesta somewhere!

    Have a wonderful week ahead!!!

  19. The shadow in the foreground looks like a face with its tongue sticking out. Cool shot!

  20. Out of darkness, into light. And you are showing us the way, as a teacher always does.

    Neat perspective.

    Gracias for the poem about my shadow shot!

  21. Pretty shadows
    Looking out
    Onto a lovely world.

  22. clouds hang back afraid
    to mar the stark perfection
    of the azure sky

  23. I feel drawn, out of the dark silence, into the living light. Beautiful!

  24. To sing your blue song
    To the sky is so easy –
    Simply flat the fifth.


  25. An aire of mystery to this ShadowShot. Really cool.

  26. Ha! I had the same thought as Lisa’s RetroStyle about the face with the tongue sticking out! Lovely photo and poem!

  27. Such a lovely dep shadow!Love your haiku as well!

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