Lonely arroyo—
what good would a windmill do
where no wheat will grow?

Text and photo © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher
Photo: Northern Arizona
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  1. Very good photo and nice poem.


  2. Hm, a good point! And thought-provoking, too.
    Greetings, M.

  3. Great photo and haiku combo, mmt.

  4. I love the topography and the textures. Is this a dry stream bed perhaps

  5. No water to be seen, but plant life still thrives. I wonder how far down their roots go…! Interesting pic.

  6. Terrific shot and words as always! Hope you have a great Labor Day Weekend — without any labor at all! Enjoy!


  7. That washed out river looks rugged, the desert sun drying the mud that once lined the bottom. The land thus looks foreboding, nearly uninhabitable to all but the desert snakes. Even shadowy art occurs in this rugged sphere…Nice views!

  8. A nice, dry (for now) arroyo! Always great photography here with stellar prose & poetry to go with it! Enjoy your weekend!

  9. Wind power for conversion into wind energy??…or maybe small Wind Farms to generate energy for electricity!!
    Love the arid desert region pictures you put up!!…and the gully looks bare without running water for sure!!
    You have uniquely connected your region/terrain well with the prompt word!!

  10. Yes, I recognize this! Lots of wheatless arroyos in AZ. Enjoyed both your SS and your Haiku. Happy SSS and Labor Day.

  11. good point. nice photo and haiku. 🙂

    is this arroyo natural or man-made.?

  12. This place really looks dry and hot!

  13. Never heard of an arroyo…learned something new already today and the day is young!

    I enjoyed your Haiku as always.

    Hope you enjoy the long holiday weekend, MMT!

  14. Enjoyable haiku and a good question.
    Great link to the photo.

  15. Another great Haiku. Love the idea and photo. So many poems. You must sleep with your lap top. lol……


  16. Your skies are always the bluest blue! No, this land and arroyo (love this word for dry creek bed!) do not need a windmill–unless it’s for wind energy? Or maybe the arroyo has rushing water in the winter? I envision a grist mill with cool water trickling through the spokes–I don’t think it’s going to happen here, though!

  17. what a lovely scenic shot…

  18. …how dry i am…i need a drink of water now!! happy sss mmt!!

  19. I found this photo and haiku to be deeply thoughtful and moving.

  20. Ha, ha, ir would generate electricity of course.
    Nice shot.

  21. lovely shadows in that photo

  22. Oh – you could pump some water to make the ground fertile….!

    With a new windmill
    soil might dampen and find life
    and it will be spring.

  23. That arroyo looks familiar to me, and it does not need a windmill.

  24. That lovely blue sky overhead is in such beautiful contrast to the dry parched land below.
    Love the shot!
    I enjoyed the poem you left in my comments – wonderfully written!

  25. Light and shade play is dramatic!

  26. Clever take on the prompt!

  27. What a stark shot. It truly shows how dry it is.

  28. What a lovely shot – of sand and shadow and grass. Love your haiku as well!

  29. A windmill would be good for non-wheat too wouldn’t it? 🙂 Get some power harvested in the desert wind..!

  30. Beautifully done, and thanks for your recent visit to my blog.

  31. Maybe it could keep you cool? lol!
    What lies around the bend….love this picture! Happy SSS!

  32. I am thirsty now. And dusty, too. But, I can cool off in the shadow.

  33. My yard is starting to look like that! Worst drought ever here in Arkansas.

  34. This shot is absolutely beautiful ! .. I want to walk this dry river bed .. hear some crickets chirping .. see some little wild life creatures .. watch birds floating on the air .. find interesting stones .. I want it all 😉

  35. I can just imagine this filled with rushing water instead of shadows!

  36. I was thinking of water rushing through there too. Great photo.

  37. William H. Brewer

    Very nice! Very Old West feel to it…
    –Tom Hilton

  38. Wonderful photo. These arroyos can be scary during the rains.

  39. I have heard this word before but did not know what it was-but now I do! It does look so dry. The shadows probably are not cool either. I love the fact that plants manage in the worst of conditions.

  40. Love your photo. You captured the essence of the day, I am thirsty just looking at it.
    Hugs, antonella 🙂

  41. Loved your poetry this week….you are so good!!!!! I know this shot is in Arizona, but it reminds me of a walk I took yesterday in the sand dunes at VA Beach. We did not leave to return home til after 1:00 so had all morning to wander all about with the old camera. This is a very appealing photo that really pulled me in. I want to know what is around the curve. genie

  42. Like the photo and the haiku…it speaks the reality of the desert…

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