stabbing winter sky
dagger tree anticipates
quick and easy kill

Text and photo © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher
Photo: Northern Arizona
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  1. Ohhh that is a nice motif of skyWatch — like that a lot – and the snow is always amazing


  2. Very good photo.

    Regards and best wishes

  3. Looks like a cloak and dagger situation here!! 🙂 I am amazed at the contrasting terrain I see in the fabulous picture!!
    Your new blog template looks fabulously dressed too!!

  4. Terrific capture and shadow as always and I love the skies! Great composition! Hope you have a great weekend! Enjoy!


  5. always a wonderful haiku to accompany your fabulous photo. and that surely is a beautiful sky. happy weekend to you MMT.

  6. As lethal as the wooden blade knife looks, the appendage is helpless in stopping the winter blanket from falling. As a look of defiance, however, it is strong. I’ll keep my distance, thank you!

  7. MMT, a wayward tree stump can look so formidable and menacing! Beautiful pic!


  8. what a striking shot from nature – lovely!

  9. Great! Love the picture & words – the dagger is melting the snow quick! If we put a dagger stick in our yards – will it ward off the snow that will come this winter 🙂 bet you’d sell lots of them!
    Have a great weekend MMT!
    Karla & Karrie

  10. Ah, nature ‘s beauty is always a perfect photo subject. But I ca n’t say I’ve ever seen a “dagger tree.”


    Great Haiku as always, MMT.

  11. There is a bitter viciousness in the persona’s voice that demands attention! Powerful haiku and love the perspective of the tree!

  12. I surely would not want to fall on this sharp looking split stump…but then if I did I would look up at that beautiful sky til someone came to pull me off. Great shot. Love the snow. genie

  13. What an intriguing haiku and photo!

  14. Wait!!!!! (insert the sound of a needle scratching across a LP record here)….that didn’t happen this week, did it?

  15. Great picture with such contrast. The blue sky, the snow, the sun, and the rugged hillside in the background. Awesome!

  16. LOVE–the Ice Dagger! ,


  17. Whoa ho!!!! That is one powerful haiku! Really!

  18. Ahhhh yes…snow and shadows. 2 of my faves. Happy SSS.

  19. Nice interpretation the blue on the pic looks really cool.. or may be .. its the snow…

  20. Very nice,love the sun on the hills and the shadow on the snow side.

  21. Great photo! I was not expecting to see snow!

  22. Nice one 😀 even I find it a bit early for snow jet . hoping for a long and warm fall 😀

  23. the branch is pointing the way toward more sunny, warmer surroundings…yes? great shot mmt!!

  24. Que muro de neve sob um céu tão azul! Incrível foto!

  25. Wonderful photo… love the Haiku…

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