Mother of the Snows


Mother of the snows,
when you send forth your children,
who will welcome them?

Text and photo © 2012 by Magical Mystical Teacher
Photo: Northern Arizona
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  1. The powerful words only enhance that power visual with the apparent tear or hole in the fence. Meant to keep out, or keep in…it has been breached either way. Great post!


  2. Nice picture!
    I wish you a Happy Friday!

  3. Once again.. a beautiful click..

    Someone is Special

  4. a lovely haiku…mother of snows…

  5. Love this one…pefect prose to go with the shot!

  6. I wish the snow would
    visit our part of the world.
    Alas, warm again!

  7. That is one gigantic hole!! ……..I wonder why?

  8. That’s a sorry fence~ I don’t think that would hold any of my animals. Lovely haiku.

  9. What lies on the other side, I wonder.

  10. Very powerful words to go with a fantastic shot. The colours are stunning

  11. Wonderful haiku, and loved the photograph! Great fence, and snowy hillside!

  12. always enjoy snow photographs; lovelly!

  13. Love this shot with the sun and snow!

  14. MMT this is a wonderful haiku. It’s so actual … why? Well … it’s snowing here in The Netherlands.

    first snow
    at last winter has come
    to the Lowlands


  15. beautiful shot! very nicely done:)

    happy weekend!

  16. wow, this fence could use some work. great view. thank you for sharing with friday fences. (:

  17. I wonder how many people or animal sneak through that hole in the fence,

  18. I would probably welcome them…have had no snow this winter and am missing it. There is the beauty of the virgin snow and the softness in is “falling.” Thank you for this reflection!

  19. I like how the snow appears to lead up to the hole in the fence

  20. Very pretty! We haven’t seen a bit of snow this winter.

  21. I’m thinking there is a hawk doing the welcoming sitting on the fence post. By the way, more snow there than we have in Wisconsin!


  22. Love photo and poem! Thank you so much for sharing with us at Rural Thursdays. 🙂

  23. I like that picture, it has a gate… 🙂

  24. It looks like that fence has seen better times.

  25. Someone large escaped through that fence
    Bridget #41

  26. In to the warmth of your words~ magic~mystical~teacher…

  27. Ah, one of your fences I love so much.

  28. Oh, this is wonderful. I love your haiku and photo. Have you ever noticed snow shadows are shades of blue?

  29. Great shot of the fence and snow,
    I really like this serie!

  30. Wonderful haiku.

    Regards and best wishes

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