River in Her Heart

Luna Cemetery

resting for an hour
in the shadows of the pines—
river in her heart

Text and photo © 2012 by Magical Mystical Teacher
Photo: Luna Cemetery, Luna, New Mexico
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  1. ‘River in her heart’ – lovely!!!
    The happy hours countdown begins!

  2. A lovely haiku that!!! I could see her sitting there..RS:)

  3. Amazing! “river in her heart” – beautifully-put.
    Dear Magical Mystical Teacher, please stop by my blog, for I have a small surprise for you:

  4. nobody is waiting for me at the bench.

  5. What a lovely picture and that haiku … awesome … leaves me speechless.

  6. I like that river in the heart ~ Simple yet meaningful haiku ~


  7. I can feel the peace of this. Very nice.

    P.S. You’re in New Mexico? Such a beautiful spot, especially the high desert.

  8. Lovely and wonderful haiku with awesome photo ~thanks, namaste, ^_^ (www.acreativeharbor.com)

  9. Simply beautiful. Happy sky watching.

    My Sky.

  10. What a lovely bench – and lovely spot to sit a spell!

  11. Paula Scott Molokai Girl Studio

    Very inviting and also a good prompt-now I feel like finding a similar spot to sit and just be.

  12. Your words connected me with Leonard Cohen’s song “Suzanne”! Like a whispering echo of Suzanne’s river! Lovely photo!

  13. what jumped out at me first was the pine cone. what a great thinking spot mmt!!!

  14. The pine needles allow more of a whisper to waft through. To get away from it all, we need to sit in the shade under the pine and luxuriate amongst the carpet of pine needles…this is really getting away from it all!

  15. Lovely words and lovely shadow shot for the day! I do love your composition! Hope all is going well in your world!! Have a great weekend!


  16. We can imagine there sitting still and breathing in all of that wonderful pine smell…reminds us of secret hiding places when we were little out under the pine trees!!

  17. A very calming photo and words. Love it.

  18. So peaceful this bench in the nature. Nice shadows and a wonderful haiku.

  19. i have been in and out of those shadows all day.
    please do not miss the full moon rise tonight, it will be a symphony!

  20. Beautiful MMT! and the Haiku is as always- spot on, and YES–it’s your fault I am attempting some too! Thanks for all your inspiration and superb work!



  21. I am!–I was all content to take a few snapshots, and go on with my life, having written maybe 5 Haiku’s in my life—and then I find your Blog!!!! LOL…..I wish I were 1/4 as talented as you–yours are true Poetry–but I will study and learn. I LOVE the Written Word and want to spend some time studying it to go along with Photography!

    So there! IT IS all your fault says the 3rd Grader!!!!! 😉

    • magicalmysticalteacher

      3rd grader? My 6th, 7th, and 8th graders say the same thing! “It’s all your fault.” LOL!!!

  22. So lonely looking and love “River in my Heart”!

  23. Last line bowled me off!, excellent!

  24. What a touching haiku and great picture.

  25. I feel peaceful just looking at that photo and reading your words.
    Well done.

  26. Such a peaceful spot.

    Beautiful haiku ~ is that a river of tears of someone who mourns?

  27. I am always shooting benches so it is especially nice to see you put one up tonight. I always wonder who has sat upon them and the stories they have to tell. This is so pretty with wonderful shadows. genie

  28. Lovely spot, lovely haiky, great shadows!

  29. Beautiful shot. What a place to sit and relax….
    Have a good week ahead!

  30. I would wish for a bench such as this under my pines. Beautiful.

  31. A poignant haiku. Nicely done.

  32. I would love to sit and read haiku on that bench……

  33. river in her heart
    Wow! It’s a very beautiful and unexpected image!!! Thanks for sharing!

  34. Oh, that’s just beautiful! I’d love to sit there right about now.

  35. Hello MMT, I would like to introduce and invite you to be part of my new challenge “Tackle It Tuesday”.

  36. I love the ambiguity of that last line.


  37. What a lovely bench in the woods! Great photo and haiku 🙂

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