In Wayside Water

Wayside puddle

Northern Arizona

In wayside water
can a fragile paper boat
shelter from the storm?

Text and photo © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. That’s a tough question !!!

  2. You have found beauty in an unexpected place – I do like the image and the haiku.

  3. Not for long, I’m afraid. I like your poem and image. They enhance one another.

  4. I wonder that too sometimes,,,,but as Barbara I have my doubts. Well done

  5. Probably not. I also thought of fragile about paper boats.

  6. Hope it does…at least for short span…..Thoughtful haiku!

    Life of paper boat

  7. Beautiful..I could relate paper-boat to life here..


  8. Awesome … I don’t have the answer on that question. Great picture.

  9. one has hopes that it can, good write

  10. Thoughtful haiku, nice image.
    I think the paper boat can find shelter there; its safety depends on the strength of the storm and the kind of paper.
    A fragile person can endure troubles when protected by love or/and a strong faith.

  11. That would be a tad hard! Let’s hope it does

  12. I agree with Ramesh – I link it both to life, or to one’s heart. Very well-written, MMT.

  13. It’s not always easy to find safe shelter. Nice metaphor,

  14. They can’t really! Its good!

  15. At least it can grant few breaths of hope .. ….quite a thought provoking haiku…

  16. Oh, I really like the image this creates. I also link it to the heart. Thanks for this.

  17. Glad to see you have had rain at last. Our summer ended today with cloud and spots of rain and a drop in temperature from 30 to 20C. The change of seasons here always happen suddenly-

  18. Interesting question! I hope it will! Wonderful haiku and picture!

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