An Acrostic Whirl

119 photo 119_zps5600df05.jpg


Rain has not been seen
At all since last August
In the parched and barren
North country.


Rooted deep,
Old weeds
The odds,
Drought and heat.

Eroded soil
Discontent with
Earth, and our
Dismay with Adam.

Repay the farmer with
Offers to
Wipe out his entire crop by
Summer’s end.

Scarce are the
Crows this morning.
Are they
Ready at last to
Call for a truce with
Earth’s children?

New green shoot
Emerges to greet the sun.


© 2013 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. This was a lot of fun, I really enjoyed it.

  2. Great idea!!…… for a change from haiku to Acrostics!! Each one very meaningful too!! Refreshing to see Acrostic poems after a long time!! Miss my meme ‘Acrostic Only’ which was hosted by Amias!!

    • magicalmysticalteacher

      Believe it or not, I just couldn’t face writing a dozen haiku this morning. I needed a break, and acrostics were just the thing. Thanks for your enthusiastic response! 🙂

  3. Another idea to try, really like this. Flows and the imagery is great. Thanks for your continuing inspiration.


  4. crafty, i luv it

    much love…

  5. Nice change of pace for you , Teacher. And your melancholy message is redeemed at the last instant with a tiny green shoot of hopefulness. Happy August To you!

  6. Wow. Awesone. Very creative with strong content. Brava! I may steal this idea.

  7. Oh I just love these!!!! Especially the 4th

    Reminds me back in high school in the school literary paper. Dan wrote one, a long one (hehehe) and nobody notice it until it was printed. Well, it spelt out

    Salvi eats twinkies Salvi was the Vice Principal at the time. Amazing he didn’t get into too much trouble and I still have the poem too. lol!

  8. Wonderful read and awesome to see. Feels very powerful. I haven’t tried one of these yet.

  9. You gave yourself quite the challenge with this. You succeeded beautifully.

  10. Nice work, MMT! I’ve enjoyed chasing crows around everyone’s work this week. Thanks for whirling with us every week. This is always a favorite stop for me.

  11. I fear there is much ahead…the drought is not over.

  12. Love the acrostic, Teach. The subject is dear to my heart, living in Wisconsin as I do. The floods hit our “breadbasket” just as the first corn was planted. They did a second planting and… better late than never. I do think they have a chance.

    And I hate crows! Didn’t until I realized how much trouble they cause small farms. Thanks for stopping by Sharp Li’l and commenting! Peace, Amy

  13. I really like what you did here. While I was a way I was talking with a young girl who told me that seeing a crow meant death was near. But the crows are just trying to survive like eveything else.

    Thank you for kind words and visits. One can fall behind on e-mails and visits quickly when they have limited access to the net while on vacation. Without regrets though – I had a wonderful time.

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