photo SonoranAug2013137a_zps180d214e.jpg
Southern Arizona

a hole in my door—
how the neighbor’s candent fence
keeps its shape at noon

Text and photo © 2013 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. a bit of spying at high noon! I thought this was a photoshop filter of some sort…love the low tech effect 🙂

  2. I’ve never tried something like that – makes me want to take a class.

  3. feel like i am looking through a telescope. ( :

  4. Loved this one …a peeping tom through a peephole with a fish-eye lens!! 😉

  5. This is like being in a submarine! What a great photo.
    I really like the houses where you live…would love to
    visit that candent part of the US someday…
    Perhaps, though I should bring a canteen 🙂

  6. i spy with my little eye….
    an extraordinary haiku!

  7. so creative! the haiku and the photo ~ thanks, carol, xo

  8. Through the looking glass..what an extraordinary scene you captured. Perhaps it seems ordinary to you but it really caught my imagination…old vehicles… low (exotic)buildings…pick up trucks….campers……..makes me wan to know more about the neighbor!

  9. I see you…. That hole looks like our neighbor’s guavapple.

  10. Love your perspective!

  11. Unique point of view, and a fence worth sneaking a peek.

  12. This is a great photo. I tried this once with the natural knotholes in my fence, but all I got was my neighbor’s car. I did learn a new word though. Had to look it up. I knew the mother word, but have never used this one. Thanks for the lesson. 🙂

  13. Your haiku is the perfect key for us to take a peek…

  14. Through the looking glass
    I fall down the rabbit hole
    Candent? What is that?

    So, I went to the dictionary. Archaic word. Love to find them. Well used.

  15. Just beautiful! Thanks for sharing your blues.

    Happy Blue Monday.

  16. Interesting viewpoint, never though to look out that way!

  17. Great idea…did the same the other day ( at an abandoned church) but my results were far from perfect! You did well here! Love it.

  18. A hot place with the look of an oasis…. the fence seems right for such a climate. Thanks for the keyhole glimpse.

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