New Snow

Apache County, Arizona

You can’t step into the same river—or wilderness—twice. Something is always shifting. Something added today will be subtracted tomorrow.
Winds fray the grasses. Blowing sand burnishes the stone. A hungry hawk hovers overhead and the mouse runs for cover, leaving tiny tracks.
A midnight snowfall dusts tumbleweeds and junipers, cacti and spent wildflowers. I walk through a sparkling wonderland that yesterday was brown and barren.
In the desert, snow doesn’t last long: wonderland today, mud tomorrow, dust the day after that. Yet in all seasons, I love wild places.
Romancing a place, just as romancing a person, takes dedication. You set yourself to the task for better or worse; for richer or poorer; in sun or in snow, praying that indifference never tames the wild longings of your heart.


all the little stones
are singing in the washes
snowflakes kiss the notes

Text and photo © 2013 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. Look for A Lovely Thing

    Gorgeous haibun, MMT. ❤

  2. A beautiful haibun… 🙂

  3. This is spectacularly beautiful. I drank in every word and line. I love the praying “that indifference never tames the wild longings of your heart”. My religion is the wild places………your closing lines elevate my soul.

  4. Beautiful composed haibun MMT and I like the haiku in which you’ve caught the essence of the haibun.

  5. Makes my heart sing and yearn to be there. Beautiful, MMT!

  6. A clever take on Grey, and very beautiful! Usually it’s the old dirty snow that’s grey, which is unlovely!

  7. Great treatment MMT! A haibun is perfect here! Covered lots of grounds in a big way.


  8. seriously awesome
    every pixel
    every note
    every syllable


  9. I share your prayer, MMT! This is just such a lovely ode to all the wildly beautiful places on earth and to being present to them, and to embracing what we have! “Never tame the wild longings of your heart,” indeed!

  10. Beautiful scenery

  11. A lovely contrast between the bright blue sky and the winter dusting of snow – love the way you have written about the photo.
    Happy Blue Monday!
    Wren x

  12. I loved reading your post. I closed my eyes at the end and felt like I was transported into the place, feeling the elements!

  13. You’ve shared a piece of art today!

    (I hope you find the $5.)

    Happy Blue Monday!

  14. totally entrancing….you write of common things in such a poetic way….

  15. i enjoyed your haibun – so much truth packed solid for reflection.

  16. Wonderful post ~ photo is awesome with the blues and shadows ~ and another lovely and delightful haiku ~ thanks, carol ^_^

  17. Love the haibun… that captures the essence of loving the nature.. and the haiku just made me smile.

  18. Your post are always so picturesque as is your poetry.

    My post today is about the colorful Jaipur puppets.

  19. A beautiful post of a special place.
    Nature never ceases to amaze me 😀

  20. Very lovely , have a nice day.

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