View of the Cathedral, Zacatecas, México

crooked little streets
with ten thousand lamps ablaze
punishing the night

© 2014 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. This street perspective is like a gentle invitation to explore the night lights. Very beautiful.

  2. Beautiful view, I like such small streets!
    Haapy New Year!

  3. Beautiful post!
    Happy New Year to you!

  4. Already this year’s posts have beautiful images and thoughtful words. Happy new year!

  5. I love it and I’ve been there!! Thanks for the memories!! Wishing you a very happy and wonderful new year!! Enjoy!

  6. Wow what a stunning photo … and your haiku is excellent mmt … really a wonderful contribution to Carpe Diem.

  7. I never thought of it that way, but we do punish the night merely for existing. Great haiku!

  8. It definitely seems like a punishment. A wonderful haiku and a great photograph to go along with it.

  9. Yes, of course, sometimes the night can be so comforting…. and even a bit of light changes everything! Happy New Year, my friend!

  10. A walk in haiku

    I love the layers in your haiku. Very nice.

  11. Do not punish the night … be kind 😛

  12. Wonderful photo and haiku for Carpe Diem ~ be kind to the night ~ xxx

  13. Punish the night… that is a perspective I really like… and a wonderful picture as usual.

  14. in the lights harsh glare
    night shattered into shadows
    small dark particles


  15. oh, no, it’s not a punishment, it’s a soft glow to help the weary see their way home!

  16. How nice for some peace and quiet. Must blazing lights disturb? Yes Nicely wrapped up MMT!


  17. I love the idea of the lights as punishment. Well done!

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