photo streamYCC_zps694684ab.jpg
Yuma Conservation Garden, Yuma, Arizona

following footsteps
erased by wilderness streams—
way of the Spirit

Text and photo © 2014 by Magical Mystical Teacher
More Shadow Shot Sunday 2
More Carpe Diem: “The Way of St. James”

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  1. Treasure of our lives, water.

  2. Gorgeous words and picture x I loved this

  3. the creek silently ran through the shadows….beautiful MMT!

  4. Words and image perfectly matched!

  5. always such contemplative images you share here…lovely

  6. It’s a like an Old World painting.

  7. I would like to listen to the flow of water running . Very relaxing capture.
    Squirrel Hunt

  8. I love “way of the spirit”. And what a BEAUTIFUL photo!!!!!!

  9. If the footsteps are erased, how can one follow them?
    Since it is a spiritual route, the poem suggests following an inner light.
    Nice !

  10. luv the recognition of ‘before travelers’; have a nice Saturday

    much love…

  11. A wonderful stream to reconnect with the inner spirit!

  12. Ahhhhh! To follow the way of the spirit!

  13. Beautiful shade and light view of the waterway. I smiled when i saw “Yuma”. That is the name of a guide dog in training at my school. The students adore him.

  14. I´d like to stay in that shadow. 🙂 Dropping my feet in the water.

  15. That is beautiful…did not know Yuma offered anything like this!

  16. Definitely worth following.

  17. lovely deep shadows in this photo


  18. it looks almost as if it could dry out completely

  19. your flowing words makes this a lovely haiku and as always, your photographs – wonderful.

  20. What an inviting photo, and I would love to have my footsteps secreted away.

  21. I was running through the archives of Carpe Diem and ran into this post. What a nice haiku MMT.

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