A Whirl with Benjamin

190 photo 190_zps278da2f1.jpg
Each tiny poem begins with a phrase taken from “Work” by Benjamin Alire Sáenz

~~ 1 ~~
In any language
it is hard to sustain love
for more than an hour.
~~ 2 ~~
quiet desert nights
unable to free themselves
the stars in their chains
~~ 3 ~~
our hungry questions
crowding an empty table
in a stone-cold cave
~~ 4 ~~
without the river
wrapping her bones as a cape
the chill in her soul
~~ 5 ~~
the labor of hands
lifting a golden chalice
in the sacred haze
~~ 6 ~~
a piece of music
one strain after another
from the wheezing pipes
~~ 7 ~~
Do you say river
with or without an accent?
Do not feign surprise!
~~ 8 ~~
Difficult and dry
are the grasses where we traipse
most Sunday mornings.
~~ 9 ~~
Dream of the river,
deranged and changing its course
on the slightest whim.
~~ 10 ~~
music in silence
savoring filet de boeuf
with a well-aged wine
~~ 11 ~~
It is not the work
of nuns and priests to inflame,
but to cool passions.
~~ 12 ~~
The flowers I sent—
exchange them, if you want to,
for a crown of thorns.

© 2014 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. What a feast Magical…i love the dreaming river..quenches the soul after that dry grass

  2. The flowers I sent—
    exchange them, if you want to,
    for a crown of thorns

    Great haiku set MMT! The above presents a great ending on two counts. Ending to the set being #12 but perhaps ending to the relationship as well!


  3. somehow ‘wrapping her bones as a cape’ struck my imagination

  4. The stars in chain.. what an intriguing image..

  5. I loved each one… savored one, then went to the next, a delightful feast!

  6. the last haiku is my favourite

    have a nice Sunday

    much love

  7. Wow! What fun and inspiration all rolled into one!!!

  8. I enjoyed them all…#2 brought lovely images while #3 more things to ponder as I felt this one deeply!

  9. Wrapping her bones, the chill in her soul, the dreaming river……..a feast of images in here this morning!

  10. Another Sunday morning word feast (fest) with MMT. Thanks!

    • magicalmysticalteacher

      Feast, fest—at least, not pest! 😉

      On Sun, Dec 7, 2014 at 10:44 AM, Magical Mystical Teacher wrote:


  11. I like #1 and #3 so much I shared them all with a friend. I like the wry wit with my haiku.

  12. I always feel sorry for rivers who by instinct and necessity must flow ever down, lowering herself to others behests. What joy for her when her path is blocked and she can spill her banks and flow free to explore elsewhere!

  13. The second one is my favorite, but that last one is exquisite in its wisdom. We do often exchange our flowers for thorns as choice. I really admire your creativity with these haikus. Each has such a rich message through well selected words.

  14. Your first haiku gave me pause…a chuckle…and something to think about! 🙂

  15. Brilliant compilation…
    loved all of them!

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