Famine or Feast?

In a little storybook that I read both day and night,
A man heaps feast-food on some plates, but keeps them out of sight.
His wrinkled visage dares to me reach for juice or wine,
But when I do, he slaps me with twisted fishing line.
My luck is next to nothing, I’m down and out, you see;
The table spread before me was never meant for me.
If you have hair, it’s easy to charm the serving-man
Who keeps the sideboard groaning with cake and wine and flan.
But if your hair is thinning and showing roots of grey,
The keeper of the sideboard will swat your hands away.
The moral of my story, if moral there may be:
There’s nothing wrong with hair dye, or using flattery!

Poem © 2018 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. LOL…that serving man with the twisted fishing line is quite something!!

  2. Does this mean i get only fast food, not feast food? Smiles.

  3. Ah the things we do to get on with life in this world!

  4. Hmph! I don’t have to play by his rules. There must be other tables. 😀

  5. Some meals are best avoided, especially if they come with such conditions. Best sit with Rosemary and me. I’m bald and she’s wild!

  6. Right…I’m off to the hairdresser tomorrow:)

  7. Oh theo moral of this story is pertinent and witty. Happy Sunday Maggie


  8. I would avoid a place like that… but alas i think life works like that (and it’s probably why I dye my hair)

  9. Oh, that serving man sounds horrid — your wit and symbolism are so good and say all that needs to be said. Perhaps there are many better things than those which are not meant for you.

  10. Lisa at Greenbow

    One thing for certain I will steer clear of that place. I am totally white headed.

  11. Oh this was a hoot as they say. Yes a moral indeed….a meal maybe to be avoided and make it yourself.

  12. Since my hair is thinning, and my white roots pretty well covered, I sure appreciate the moral of this story!

  13. Wowers! I love your style … awesome word weaving … and the cadence of this piece is so-o-o-o good!!!

  14. Must agree with the girls above, Best to go in pairs or threes and he won’t have the guts to bully you then.


    What a fun turn of events!

  16. Thanks for reminding me I need to get to the hairdressers, hehe

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