Shadow Shot Sunday 2: Blooming Palo Verde

Version 2
A blooming palo verde tree leaves shadows on the ground at Yuma (Arizona) Conservation Garden.

O Full Flower Moon,
the palo verde blossoms
brighter than you do!

Photo and haiku © by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. So beautiful! I know it only from the name…
    Have a nice sunday

  2. Such a big beautiful tree!!
    Thank you for hosting.

  3. Deserts in bloom are amazing. I have a painting of a palo fierro tree with purple flowers. They are in the same family as the palo verde, the pea family! That is a stunning photo with that blue sky and cactus in the background.

  4. Cara Hartley

    I love the lacy leaves and the shadow it casts underneath.

    • magicalmysticalteacher

      The palo verde trees are in full bloom in Arizona now. It’s a magical time of year!

  5. I am always amazed by the nature that surrounds you and your photos… so very different from where I live. I love seeing it and reading your haiku. Love from the Netherlands!

  6. This tree lover loves your lovely tree! Brighter than the moon, oh my!

  7. Lovely haiku! And as always your photo is beautiful! Thank you!

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