She dreams of pleasure—
peering across the rooftops,
her blood remembers.

Text and photo © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher
Photo: Wixáritari woman on Cerro de la Bufa, Zacatecas, México
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  1. I think we all have those dreams, don’t we? Wonderful picture and I do enjoy my visits here!

  2. Great photo, and the Haiku speaks to me in an ancient way, like you suggest, the blood is ancient. Very cool!
    I have been so busy lately. Back to somewhat regular hours in a while, but for now staying busy.


  3. Haha, and I was wondering what she was doing up there.

    Interesting photo, and I love the caption.

  4. MMT:

    We’re skywatch thumbnail neighbors! I love to visit meme neighbors and like it even better when I “know” them already. As usual, your photo and poetry is transporting. I hope someday you find a way to make money from your effort! Your effort is TREMENDOUS.

  5. that must be one awesome view from there!

  6. When I first glanced at the image, she reminded me (the colors of her clothing I think) of Navajo women I once knew. The old ways, ancient ways. Wonderful in so many ways. Thanks also for bringing back my memories.

  7. This photo took me right back to Barcelona… it isn’t that city though. I love the image and the haiku which gives it even more meaning.

  8. I really like this picture and your words. Well done.

  9. yes, what George wrote!!!

  10. May the pleasure and joy be hers again, and yours !
    Happy Weekend!

  11. So brief, so simple, so profound, so beautiful.

  12. tender with longing.
    its been a long week. i hope we all find fulfillment in our doing and in our remembering.
    may we help those around us along the way.

  13. I agree so profound in such short verse~

  14. Holy cow! Very provocative. Blood remembers…
    goes marvelously with the photo.

  15. it is true true… the blood remembers…

  16. I love the way she’s gracefully leaning from the waist: softly feminine, like the remembrances in her dreams…

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