pertinacious plant
you fled the backyard garden
to consort with weeds

Text and photo © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher
Photo: Northern Arizona
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  1. “ consort with weeds!” I love it!!!

  2. Those corns, never could trust them to stay in their own backyard. I heard the weeds are strange and not good for anything productive. Have a great and woderful day and the week ahead.


  3. Leave it to the corn to pop up where it wants!

  4. i love the brazen heart of this wild corn spirit!

  5. Wow! the fickleness of a well tended garden. How dare it! LOL
    There was a word in your haiku I did not know. Kudos to you for making me look it up.

  6. Thank the birds, I’m sure.

  7. I believe that this is the first time I’ve ever read a poem using the word pertinacious! Haikuriffic!

  8. This one looks a bit like the beginning of a corn stalk though I doubt that is the case. Such a nice green….and it is definitely out of place there in the middle of the weeks. Nice poem for this one. Seeing the sand in the yard reminds me of my childhood in Florida….lots of sand everywhere. genie

  9. Hey, I think that’s my backyard!
    Love your poemmmmmm

  10. Awesome! And I was expecting a corny poem 😛

  11. How I love it when I see a word that I don’t know the meaning of, but now I do. Thanks.

  12. I love the last line… nice garden of a haiku ~

  13. It escaped! What a fun picture. What a fun piece. You made me think.

  14. Love it! Even plants in the garden seek escape!

  15. Great word, pertinacious! Lovely photo. Interesting characterization of a naughty plant!

  16. Beautiful photo and words.

  17. pertinacious plant – wonderful use of words here!!

  18. some strange friends it wants. 🙂
    fun haiku!

  19. Great haiku and photo, mmt! Thanks for introducing me to “pertinacious.” Excellent word. 🙂

  20. Innovative and informative, MMT 🙂

  21. Looks very stately among’st the weeds! Loved the runaway bride! 🙂

  22. Looks stately among’st the weeds! Loved the runaway bride and Spadoman’s comment here! 🙂 LOL!

  23. A non-conformist ear of corn. Love it!

    I also learned a new word here. 😉

  24. Great post. Weeds are stubborn and obstinate–maybe the corn wanted that trait to rub off on it. Your harku was great, and it was great fun reading everyone’s clever comments on your post. Have a terrific week. Mickie 😉

  25. What a great way to put it. Nicely done.

  26. Pertinacious indeed. Happy MM.

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