stitched in golden bells—
the hem of the priestly robe,
chiming praise to God

Text and photo © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher
Photo: Bible open to Exodus 28:34
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  1. wondrous sound
    Symphony of God
    Chiming bells

    Good one today, loved it!!

  2. I can almost see and hear the bells! Beautiful haiku!

  3. Praise indeed!!! Lovely post!

  4. They just don’t make robes like they used to, do they?
    Great use of the language and creative usage for ‘chime’.
    I’m nerby and waving as we pass.


  5. Your haiku is so beautifully written today…chiming praise to God…glorious!

  6. What a lovely haiku! =)

  7. I love the sound of the bells Indian women sometimes wear. So soft and light. Very Nice Haiku.


  8. WONDERFUL HAIKU, Incredible concept and imagery

  9. I love your haiku today, especially the line “stitched in golden bells”.

  10. This is your psalm today, and now mine, too.

  11. Another good one from you 🙂

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