Far From the City


Far from the city,
snows and shadows are singing—
foxes find covert.

Text and photo © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher
Photo: Northern Arizona
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  1. Dreamy shadows on the snow like an evocative poem . . .

  2. Great shadow shot for the day and it does look cold!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  3. I can hear the song here.. beautiful, MMT!

  4. The land is stark, full of scrub bush. The snow this offers a bit of style that carpets over the brush and adds a aura of beauty to a desolate place…

  5. Enjoyed the layers of meaning in the word “covert”.

  6. very interesting haiku. the word Covert expressed in terms of nature. nice job

  7. I now expect nothing but the best from you and I am not disappointed.


  8. Like a dreamscape of the seasons meeting for a changing of the guard! Lovely mellowness and quiet pervade this image!

  9. I like the imagery, nature singing and the idea of foxes always delight me.

  10. at first look i thought the snow are water in the stream, but as i look closely i found out it’s a snow, great shot.

  11. Love the way the show appears to have melted in little circular areas. Such a pretty spot. Lots and lots of pretty shadows. It certainly looks like it is far from the city. genie

  12. I can feel the cold from that snow! Brrr!!!

  13. Hope you enjoyed your trip to far from the city…
    We don’t have snow in Helsinki yet but only a couple of hundred kilometers and they have snow. Happy to live here! 🙂

  14. Nice musical piece ~ Happy day ~

  15. I really like this shot.

  16. Great shadow shot, I like the combination with the snow.

  17. Thanks for visiting my SSS – unfortunately something has gone amiss and I have not been able to show your comment on my site. I am working on it but I just wanted to let you know I appreciated receiving your comment and it is only because I can’t get it on to the right page that it isn’t showing…….

  18. Wonderful haiku Magical Mystical teacher. So is this photograph.


  19. Those shadows are beautiful and your haiku is wonderful. Thank you for visiting 🙂

  20. Nice sunny day…for some reason it looks like it should be warm there and that there shouldn’t be any snow! Looks can be deceiving! Thanks for stopping by at my SS.

  21. VERY good! I wish I had thought of “finding covert”! (that’s my highest compliment)
    I’m still smiling.

  22. great shot…and foxes are experts at covert 🙂

  23. I truly like the nature aspect in your haiku, which is staying true to the original haiku form. I loved reading this, especially the middle line “snows and shadows are singing”.

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