Cemetery Blues

Wellton Cemetery

shadows creeping in
like a song you can’t throw off—
cemetery blues

Text and photo © 2012 by Magical Mystical Teacher
Photo: Wellton Memorial Cemetery, Wellton, Arizona
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  1. Lovely Haiku..as ever…shadows creep in….

    Well MMT, here’s KP’s Tackle the Tuesday..



  2. Hello MMT .. Yes the Haiku is fitting .. but strangely enough our famous cemetery that has our first Prime Minister (Sir John A MacDonald) resting ? there is an amazingly beautiful place with gorgeous statuary, gardens, water features, ancient looking trees … well it is a special place .. not blue or scary … just beautiful : )

  3. a beautiful song with long comforting shadows…
    my first glimpse of Welton.

    (may your choice of cemetery not be cryptic!)

  4. Maybe the shadow is like a blanket to the soul, MMT..

  5. Oh, this is place perfect!
    I often feel the same way.

  6. Shadows creeping into the cemetery … nice image.

  7. Wonderful haiku as always and what a beautiful shadow shot for the day! Enjoy your weekend!!


  8. Cemeteries are interesting places — I rarely visit them, since I don’t think the spirit and body remain connected after death, so why visit a place where a spiritless body is buried?

  9. I like the way the view is framed by the tree trunks.

  10. Love your haiku and your positioning of this shot.

  11. redondowriter

    Cemeteries are such sacred places and your photo and words make me think of my own cemetery visits over the years.

  12. This can be a place for sadness, but this soothing mix of shadow and sun gives us an affirmation that our life may be finite – yet, while we are still here, we ought to enjoy the simple beauty that surrounds us…and everywhere we’ve been and are yet to travel to…

  13. I love wandering cemeteries, appreciating the lives that have been! There is a beautiful, sacred music in the light and shadow here!

  14. No it is not easy throwing off any emotion wen leaving a cemetery. I will be visiting one this coming Monday tho.

  15. Unless, of course, the song is ‘off key’! : )
    A bit of dead pan humor?
    Oh, someone STOP me!!
    Anyway, I couldn’t help but notice how neat and tidy that cemetery is.

  16. A great shot and it’s a very pretty looking cemetary. Enjoy your weekend 🙂

  17. Beautiful perspective. Good photo. Yes, nice haiku.

  18. Nice shadows there in cemetery.

  19. Nice shadows in the cemetry. Love your photo.

  20. I like the way you framed this shot- beautiful.

  21. cemetary? It looks like a playground emty of kids.

  22. Love your composition – lovely shadows and haiku as well!

  23. Ooooooh! I love this! I can feel those shadows creeping over the grass, the air getting a bit cooler. Great shot, MMT.

  24. I love cemeteries and I love the angle you took this from.

  25. That is such an interesting composition for the shot! Very nice. The haiku is wonderful.

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