A Brief Whirl

This week’s whirling words are: ignorant, spurn, eternity, drawers, balls, year,
rind, sting, months, housewives, subtracting, fall
. I have used six of them.

Choosing and honing,
dividing and subtracting—
she shapes one poem.
~~ ~~ ~~
whispering water—
housewives pay no attention
slapping shirts on stones
~~ ~~ ~~
three balls in the air
add a fourth and they tumble—
little dance with death
~~ ~~ ~~
white rind of the moon
washed in a brine of stardust—
Van Gogh is laughing
~~ ~~ ~~
If God is someone
who lives in eternity,
explain the oaks, please.
~~ ~~ ~~
Do not spurn the words
written by the hand of God,
though the lines be bent.

© 2012 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. Again, you fascinate with the brevity of your lines – I especially like the one where you question God’s eternalness with the existence of oaks … yes, just what is that about? As always, nicely penned and wisely wordled.


  2. Superb composition!!!

  3. Ah, my favorite of these is the ‘three balls in the air’ haiku. Yup, 4 would be hard indeed. Again, a nice collection.

  4. I especially like the first and fourth!

  5. ‘white rind of the moon’

    This has been my favourite word — everyone has used it so differently and creatively.

  6. I like Van Gogh laughing!

  7. Oh so fabulous. Love them all. There is wisdom in your words.

  8. Your depth has left me
    Bereft of my typical
    Smart-assed levity.

    The white moon is not
    Eternal, but for now God
    Lives on the dark side.


  9. I love how you always express so much with your haikus!

  10. I enjoy your spurts of poetry, always so well written. It is a formula that works so well for you. I’m impressed by the expressiveness of it all!

  11. Adding to Walt’s comment…artistically controlled spurts. Wonderful!

  12. Always pleasure to read what you write.

  13. Oh my! And I love your poetry for this Wordle too! Thanks so much for visiting my site and making such a kind comment!

  14. “white rind of the moon” is exquisite. I pictured it in my mind immediately and I can see Van Gogh laughing at it. Tis true. This is a masterpiece.

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