Cemetery detritus photo SonoranMar2013587a_zps7e54546b.jpg
Sonoran Desert, Southern Arizona

the cemetery
surrenders another sad bouquet
to spring gusts


Text and photo © 2013 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. This evokes such emotional feelings, great, moving!

  2. WoW….but a nice wow…love it. and the photo.
    So true here in Maine…Memorial Day the families repair the winterspring wind and snow damage to the cemeteries.
    Thank you.

  3. This is so strong in words and image. Thank you 🙂

  4. Such a strong, reflective message – and great photography.

  5. A place that may seem a sad place of no life is now adorned with a lovely flower, full of color and life itself. A contrast to the sandy desert floor…

  6. poignant haiku about life and death and how quickly a gust of wind can change everything ~ great photo ^_^

  7. The flower’s presence there seems very unusual, it looks as the only colored thing in the area.

    • magicalmysticalteacher

      If it hadn’t blown in from the cemetery, there’d be no color at all! Thanks for your visit.

  8. Very beautiful photo!

  9. Beautiful photo and description.

  10. wandering flower
    of no use to the dead
    colors the desert


  11. What a gorgeous flower. So delicate and cute.

  12. Sad memories, and those silk flowers sure looks nice in the desert.

  13. Haiku and photo are breathtaking!

  14. sad for the living, not the dead, I think

  15. Wonderfully composed, but so sad for the living.

  16. So this is it – another view, or piece of, the pink throwaway – this one proudly pink
    to hang in there to be gravely decorative…..

  17. Even silk flowers have to surrender. This picture spoke to my feelings in a special way. I just set daffodils in the deep snow to greet my mother and father.They aren’t there, but the memories are.

  18. Beautiful photo.

    My entries:
    Liz (mcn)
    Liz (mot)

  19. What a fascinating sight with the flower in the desert!!!!

  20. Nice touch of color!

    Hopping by from Ruby Tuesday.
    Here is my Ruby for Hungry Kids
    Your comment is always appreciated!

  21. So beautiful lying there on the desert floor. The color is lovely. genie

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