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The old teacher weeps—
birds and flowers turn to dust,
planets lose their way.

© 2013 by Magical Mystical Teacher
More September Heights 2013: “Teacher”

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  1. This is a powerful one, very haunting!

  2. Very chaotic Teacher!! The dipping mood from a teachers eyes!! Excellent!!

  3. wow
    that’s grim


  4. hope good days return………. nice haiku

  5. The trials and tribulations of teaching well expressed. My haiku has the solution.

  6. This is fabulous. What a picture your poem splashes out. ((sigh))


  7. As always…one wonders for a moment and then smiles..appreciates ..learns, leave a comment to come again.. thanks MMT..


  8. Even young dedicated teachers are weeping these days! What a challenge it must be to walk into a classroom.

  9. Oh poor thing – is he defeated by age or the lack of interest of his new pupils?

    • magicalmysticalteacher

      I don’t think it’s either. Rather, I think it’s that the students aren’t interested in anything but their mobile devices! (But what do I know?)

  10. May be the teacher is crying because the planets/students have lost their way. He thinks of his pupils seriously.


  11. Very powerful…thank you

  12. everything is dust
    lose one way – find another
    weep with happiness

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