Quirky Quartet

165 photo 1652_zps5f883d88.jpg

~~ 1 ~~
drilled into the cliff
six holes filled with misfortunes
borrowed from the trolls
~~ 2 ~~
a wish, a whistle,
a pit in which to drink ale—
chimneyside dreaming
~~ 3 ~~
porcelain habits
shatter into deadly shards—
caveat emptor
~~ 4 ~~
Split the percale sheet,
rip out the mattress stuffing—
darkness comes at noon.

© 2014 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. Have a nice Sunday, i haven’t done the needles for quite awhile

    Much love

  2. Perhaps darkness can come anytime of day or night?

  3. Good that the misfortunes stay inside I think…

  4. whenever i’m reading the four they seem to be tightly liked up…much darkness this week MMT…

  5. Our life is fragile as porcelain, but our soul is flexible like a reed!

  6. This chimney side dreaming is the key. Some mystery.

  7. Now am wondering what made the darkness come at noon….loved the trolls and the chimneyside dreaming!

  8. Don’t borrow from the trolls! I’m wondering about that darkness at noon, too.

  9. Trolls are filled with misfortunes. I’d stay away from them. These are wonderful as usual.

  10. The idea of darkness at noon appals me, but this is a very accomplished set of haiku.

  11. a cliff and troll a wish a dream chimney side and dark noons remind me of the fairytalesi use to read as a child 🙂

  12. How I love No. 2 which reminded me of a centuries old pub in London just over the Thames that had not changed in hundreds of years much like your description.

  13. Well, that is just beautiful, mmt.


  14. Your lines always makes me smile even when I can’t think as fast I read them 🙂 A pleasant experience.

  15. Ooh that last one is a killer! Simply love…can’t beat a little troll

  16. cliffs and trolls… love these! Thank you for inspiring me to give haiku a try this week. Your work is a gift.

  17. These are so imaginative. Love those trolls!

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