Another Whirl with Basho

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Each haiku or senryu begins with a phrase culled from Basho: The Complete Haiku.

~~ 1 ~~
upstream and downstream
the dismal washerwomen
beating clothes on stones
~~ 2 ~~
the tide’s salty crests
signal an end to summer
and my discontent
~~ 3 ~~
whose old singing voice
moves into the empty spot
where the oak once stood
~~ 4 ~~
those who like to drink
rose-petal tea at twilight
sipping at their prayers
~~ 5 ~~
gotten by praying
to the goddess of bullets
an untimely death
~~ 6 ~~
from an unknown tree
at the edge of the forest
the cry of water
~~ 7 ~~
even coming twice
the horses seeking sugar
do not get enough
~~ 8 ~~
a bamboo thicket
where no other plant can thrive
rictus of the moon
~~ 9 ~~
without rain or snow
the empty meandering
of mountain streambeds
~~ 10 ~~
year-end housecleaning
even the locks on my doors
deserve to be brushed
~~ 11 ~~
the cicada’s voice
curls into a tiny ball
just before sunrise
~~ 12 ~~
from all directions
my foes thrust their spears at me
shafts of pampas grass

© 2014 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. As always, an intriguing pastiche of the words that comes together as a larger whole.

  2. This is like travelling through the hard work of time and place..never ending toil and labour to get by..but we do

  3. There seems to be a different mood in this haiku set, sad and more somber except perhaps for those insatiable horses in No. 7 of course.

  4. I see the changing of the guard, a season passing through the eyes of your work… but, then again, it can be only me as I search my way out of summer through fall for the right path to winter 🙂
    Wonderful and sensitive pieces as usual.

  5. Fine array of haiku happenings MMT! Yes the cicada can be heard to be chillingly shrill before dawn! Wonderful set!


  6. A lovely collection once again. Ha, there are some humans who coming back twice for sugar is not enough either. I enjoyed the one about the cicada – what a lovely voice they have in the night. I feel sorry for those women washing clothes on stones.

  7. The horses and sugar haiku have the wisdom of an Aesop fable.. It could be worked into a splendid haibun I think…

  8. like a jigsaw puzzle of poems that make a great picture. Well done.

  9. Oh, I like it! And I actually know who Basho was though I don’t have the book you mentioned (yet). My favorite was #5, but I enjoyed all of them immensely. I wrote a cicida haiku yesterday as well, so I liked the cicida one particularly.

  10. My two favorites:
    “whose old singing voice
    moves into the empty spot
    where the oak once stood”
    “the cicada’s voice
    curls into a tiny ball
    just before sunrise”

  11. luv #4 best of all’ have a nice Sunday

    much love…

  12. These are especially wonderful this morning! I especially love the singing voice in the spot where the oak once stood, and tea at twilight, “sipping at their prayers”. Wow!

  13. Glad to see you are still mystically magical. Wonderful. xoxo Teri

  14. It’s very fulfilling today, left me pondering about the river in 6 and mysterious voice in 3. Another voice in 11 described so cozy… images in 8 will tease me the rest of the day. ~ Amazing job! xx

  15. They are all great but my fav is # 4

  16. 2 and 6 are my favorite

  17. “sipping at their prayers”—exquisite imagery….also, I love your use of “rictus”–what a fantastic word 🙂

    • magicalmysticalteacher

      Thank you. I don’t often have an occasion to use “rictus,” but on this occasion it just offered itself to me. 😉

      On Sun, Sep 7, 2014 at 9:21 PM, Magical Mystical Teacher wrote:


  18. Number 9. Yes, yes, yes.

  19. Very nice set. I love the last one.

  20. I appreciate how we take the same word list and those who can (like you) shine in their product!

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