photo AnzaBoagaveuprooted_zps4191e436.jpg
Uprooted Desert Agave, Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, Southern California

its prodigal blooms
shying away from wastelands—
Chinese bellflower
~~ ~~ ~~
uprooted agave still shines in beauty

Text and photo © 2014 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. I’ve not seen one of those before. Are they prickly?

  2. Such strong shape it looks good even now.

  3. I could love me some tequila right about now. Great shot.

  4. I’ve never seen agave, and it does look like a star.

  5. My husband finds the uprooted trees to be fascinating. He loved yours!

  6. Desert stars…pretty!

  7. But still a lovely star for my eyes!

  8. Such a stylish flower, the look of a terrestrial solar plant has fallen to earth, it’s ‘rays’ reaching for the sun in an ironic twist. Very cool, a sun in the sky that has fallen to earth. Cool!

  9. It’s wonderful when we see beauty in all things. Great photo!

  10. I love the picture – absolutely perfect for you wonderful haiku.

  11. Wonderfull flowers desert,and agar capture, greeting from Belgium.


  12. Your photo is very artistic. That’s a very interesting flower.

  13. such a gorgeous shot. i so love things past their beauty-providing beauty themselves. LOVE it MMT!!!

  14. What a unique plant! you come up with such photos, MMT!

  15. Unique flower…and a poignant haiku!! Lovely…

  16. So prickly and yet has the alluring beauty of a star shape.

  17. What a beautiful photo MMT ….

  18. Never seen one before. Quite a spectacular plant.

  19. I wonder how it is processed to make that syrupy sweetener.
    There is art in plant ‘bones’.

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