photo 47e12a14-7f45-41d7-b158-4aa5fc1b0dc8_zpsrstfq1yy.jpg
Cache la Poudre River, Fort Collins, Colorado

among river stones
a lengthy conversation
lasting to the sea

Text and photo © 2015 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. I love this one… can imagine it perfectly!

  2. The eternal babbling brook! Lovely MMT.

  3. Wow, this is one of your best!

  4. like this a lot. Yes, you can make up their conversation – fun

  5. Lovely haiku…I can see it flowing and hear the music of this river to sea. There is actually a piano piece composed in the 70’s from the St Lawrence River to the Atlantic. Your haiku brings me back there.

  6. This one is breathtaking!

  7. Oh … love this … a great piece and a long conversation indeed.

  8. Wonderfully delightful! Love to be privy to that conversation.

  9. A conversation one can listen to endlessly ….

  10. Beautiful capture and the perfect words to match!! Thank you!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

  11. A wonderful sky in your photo!

  12. Wonderful words and river view.

  13. How streams and rivers gossip as they flow along, stones are stirred up and trees sway incredulously at such babble.

  14. this is simply beautiful…

  15. This is lovely….I am sure those stones have many tales to relay!

  16. A beautiful spot and I can almost hear those stones conversing as they travel down the river.

  17. Stones can be great conversationalists…if we sit down and are prepared to listen that is

  18. A conversation all the way to the sea.. somehow that sounds like a few rivers i know.. just hope they do reach the sea. I heard that some never do but all the water is being used up before…

  19. Sounds absolutely lovely 🙂

  20. They have lots to tell for it is a long journey!


  21. few words… Yet so much said…
    I wish i could listen to their conversation!

  22. Yes, and I wish to be a drop of water rock-skipping along the crowded miles. Fantastic prose!

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