photo Macroartist_zpse0baef8c.jpg
Havre, Montana artist Mary Nault working on a watercolor at an outdoor event in Yuma, Arizona

peony bouquet
still hiding in the bristles
of the artist’s brush
~~ ~~ ~~
From an artist’s brush, great surprises!

Text and photo © 2015 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. Nicely done, MMT 🙂

  2. very nice… how long with those flowers hide? hmmmm a while I think there are cacti blooms to paint first?

  3. I can imagine all sorts of things ‘hiding in the bristles of the painters brush.’ Fabulous lines. I hope I can remember them.

  4. I will never look at my brushes the same…

  5. I admire people who do this, you must need to have so much patience for something so creative.

  6. Magical Mystical Teacher, I can sense that peony just waiting to bloom upon the page. Brilliant!

  7. slowly emerging from the brush: what a wonderful conceit.

  8. Brushes/pens, Paint/ink. Yes. You never know what will outcome. Salute, Teach!

  9. love this! Have a super day!

  10. It looks beautiful and I like your interpretation. 🙂

  11. Lovely work in progress!

  12. What a therapeutic post. Love the Haiku and the water colour in progress. x

  13. I love how the artist sees a blank canvas – they have it all mapped out before the brushes come out. As the work-in-progress continues, we marvel at the artist creates wonderful art!

  14. Sure am loving this. and love love love your pretty words.

  15. I wish I could create watercolours like that!

  16. Inspiringmacro of happening creation.

  17. Great photo and your haiku, full of mystery and expectations … how would the peony look? Nicely done MMT.

  18. That it does…in so many ways! I’m not even an artist in the drawing/painting sense, but I do enjoy creating with what skills I do have. (BTW, I added a collage of my bible journaling pages to my Six Word Saturday at Our Side of the Mountain.)

  19. Paula Scott Molokai Girl Studio

    You have such a talent for tying in the words to the image so brilliantly!

  20. you are a master story teller in the tiny frame work of haiku!

  21. art makes us imagine. A delightful photo to accompany a fine haiku

  22. I love the opening image and the burst of possibilities – i also love her hands…the lines and gentleness like an artwork in their own right

  23. We all have that potential to create with our minds, hands and fingers such beautiful pictures in word, drawing, painting and so much more. Your haiku are stunningly beautiful.

  24. Words and picture in perfect harmony. Delightful.
    Visit Keith’s Ramblings!

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