Clumsy Attempts

 photo 0e5389ae-fc9d-4020-b6bb-99d410fa06db_zpss51x51kz.jpg

~~ 1 ~~
wide-awake children
in refugee settlements
whirling at midnight
~~ 2 ~~
in the poppy field
no sign of holy water—
pilgrim pushes on
~~ 3 ~~
Why begrudge the stone
underneath the forest pine
its endless silence?
~~ 4 ~~
her shouts of anger
pulling him out of his dreams
Sunday afternoon
~~ 5 ~~
a spider
bereft of its web
in mourning
~~ 6 ~~
molecules of dust
settling in the dead man’s eyes
open and staring
~~ 7 ~~
how from the crow’s tongue
seven shrill alarms clang out
over the cornfield
~~ 8 ~~
how the youngest child
fearing the sting of the wasp
runs from the meadow
~~ 9 ~~
sunny afternoon
in the middle of winter—
ten thousand questions
~~ 10 ~~
her clumsy attempts
to make sense out of nonsense—
the latest shooting

Haiku © 2015 by Magical Mystical Teacher
More Sunday’s Whirligig #36

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  1. I love “why begrudge the stone its silence?” In light of repeated shootings, I become that stone……..there are just No More Words.

  2. Agree, the line begrudge the stone its silence is masterful. and # 5 is soulful in its simplicity.

  3. What sadness there is in most of these for even the sunny afternoon in winter is but false hope.

  4. They fit together nicely for you, MMT. They tell of a horrible time for the refuge, I am glad Texas has decided to allow their share to enter ‘the Promised Land.’
    I am liking your prompts. Thank you.

  5. Not at all clumsy. Rich in details and deep with feelings…


  6. Oh, there are so many of your haiku that have spoken to me.
    Thanks again for providing words that help me continue to create my mini-mysteries for BeeBee!

  7. These are all amazing, but my favorites are: 1,3, and 5.

  8. metaphors always give us smiles.
    beautiful haiku.

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