Blue Monday: Doors

DSC_0460 (1)
Handsome blue doors on a business establishment in Historic Downtown Yuma, Arizona

Whenever a door’s painted blue
It’s hard to resist going through;
So open the door
And see what’s in store
For those who love wonders—like you!
Photo and limerick © 2018 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. Blue door is inviting…
    Thank you for hosting.

  2. Yuma is full of nice surprises. You are the best at finding such different things and using the right words.

  3. Such a lovely bright blue! Those doors really stand out.

    Thanks so much for hosting.
    Happy Blue Monday!

  4. Very pretty blue door. I once long ago had my roof painted blue


  5. Blue doors are inviting!

  6. I also love blue doors… they are said to stop the bad from coming in I think

  7. I agree – there is something about a BLUE door that makes one want to find out what is on the other side.

  8. Blue doors are no doubt inviting!

  9. We have all of that up here too! Sometimes on old hippy houses that sell stail glass. 🙂
    Nice picture, especially your words.


    A blue door makes my day like the bluebird of happiness!

  11. Well those doors are certainly inviting, Looks as though they wil even open up by giving them a ring!

  12. I wouldn’t have noticed…but now you mention it….I’m going to have a look-see!

  13. Sometimes, I hesitate a little. Yes.

  14. Blue door—Beautiful and inviting both…

  15. You see many blue doors, it is said, the color blue keeps evil spirits away.

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