Blue Monday & Ruby Tuesday Too: Empty Church

Clifton.May.2013 172
This church in Clifton, Arizona was empty on Easter Sunday, as were many others around the world. One photo, two memes.

Although the church stayed empty (the virus had its way),
Some sounds of joy still echoed—from where, no one could say.
Perhaps a novice angel was practicing her praise,
Or maybe oaks were rumbling that there’d be better days.
At any rate, the praise-notes keep going on and on—
Never-ending songs of joy long after Easter’s gone.

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Photo and poem © by Magical Mystical Teacher

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  1. Happy Easter! Keep safe and well!

  2. PS: Thank you for hosting!

  3. What a cute church. I hope you were ok in the storm?

  4. A beautiful twofer!! Enjoy your week.

  5. Interesting church. They were closed here too.

  6. I love how you presented this ‘slice of life.’

  7. They do say that Church is the people and not the building. I bet the novice angel and the oaks were keeping that in mind.

  8. Closed churches here also. The virtual stays open, yeah for the technology

    Easter Blessings. Thanks for dropping by my blog today


  9. Nice that music and joy can still be experienced.

  10. Sound as though the organist was allowed to go in a practice (on his own)..

  11. Photolicious & versabulous! Nicely done, Teach. (Finally got around to mine just this morning.)

  12. Love it! Wonderful lines infused with … je ne sais quoi … but whatever it is … it hits the mark … and keeps on going!!!

  13. That’s a gorgeous old church, and I like the poem.

  14. That’s a very beautiful church. – Margy

  15. What a cute looking building! I can see an angel trying out a vocal warm-up or two in it.

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