It’s in the timing—
the rise and fall of fences
or love at first sight.

Text and photo © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher
Photo: Northern Arizona
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  1. Oh, fine photo – this is a kind of fence I see here in New Mexico often. Nice composition.

  2. Nicely said and love photo.


  3. You are so eloquent, both with your words and your pictures!

  4. Beautiful photo to illustrate your words perfectly!

  5. Good one…love the angle!

  6. All about timing. I really enjoyed your image and words. Have a great weekend.

  7. just reading love at first sight gives me a thrill!

  8. Sometimes you need to build those fences to keep the wolves at bay!! If you do drop them then it has to be love at first sight!! 🙂 One can read so much in the three lines!! Marvelous!!
    Coming from COT/HMH

  9. This reminds me of the Berlin Wall, and that young couple sitting on top after it has fallen. I remember they looked in love too. Your haiku paints great images!

  10. Wonderful composition of this photo. I love how they use whatever is available to make their fence.

  11. Given the possibility of flash floods and erosion in the usually dry desert, the washout could have taken the fence down. Not that the cattle behind the barbs would even notice…

  12. The contrast of colors and shadows make the shot..

  13. Love that falling away of soil round the fenceline! It creates an interesting drama! And your haiku is beautifully thoughtful!

  14. Such lovely shadows!

    Myshadow shot, have a blessed Sunday!

  15. Lovely photo. Isn’t it nice how such simply things like a fence and a hill of dirt can make such a great photo. The blue sky sets it off and the fence’s simplicity tells us that it has been around for awhile and gives the photo a sense of reality.

  16. Wonder if that shadowy hole is from erosion or some burrowing creature?

  17. I love the looking up perspective. Somethng about it that makes it very intriguing.


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