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Sunday morning our neighbor, a high school history teacher, wheeled his bicycle into the street and pedaled away for his customary ride. He never came home again. About an hour later, two police cars and a police motorcycle arrived, bringing the teacher’s bicycle, his helmet—and bad news. Throughout the day we gathered bits and pieces of information from another neighbor. No, the teacher hadn’t been struck by a car. Apparently he had a stroke or a heart attack, and toppled from his bike. Rushed by ambulance to a local hospital, he hovered between life and death for several hours. By nightfall, he was dead. What started out to be an exciting summer festival of rest, relaxation and recuperation for a weary educator turned into a season of mourning for his wife and two grown children.

Summer festival—
three crows foretell its ending,
shrilling songs of rage.

Text and photo © 2013 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. What a sad story MMT, but you have caught it so well in your haiku.

  2. How quickly things can change .Sad story. I will pray for his family.
    I like your pic & verses,you are very talented.

  3. O my goodness! Such a way to begin time away from the classroom! His family, I hope, draw close together for strength! Sounds as if the family’s neighbours are there to support as well! Your haiku captures the moment beautifully!

  4. I’m so sorry for the loss in your neighborhood. I’ll be praying for the strength of his wife and children,

  5. Truly tragic. My heart goes out to you and the family. May God rest his soul

  6. your haiku reflects a fitting emotion for the sad event..

  7. What a sad ending to the day. Tragic!

  8. How fleeting the time indeed.
    But we mourn needlessly because when one leaves we really do not see their joy in stepping into another exciting world . . .

  9. I love this beautiful haiku!

  10. Your haiku holds the wale of mourning. That scream which comes at the news of sudden death of a loved one. I know it.

  11. That’s very sad, how quick a tragedy can arrive.

    But still the picture of the bike is very creative !

  12. That is so sad for his family—and another reminder to live life to the fullest, because you never know . . .

  13. I think the rage is because we can’t control everything….

  14. Oh, that is so sad! A good reminder to treasure every moment!

  15. What a haibun of sadnes… an excursion a ride gone wrong… I was out bicycling myself yesterday… sad

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