photo NearthePoudreRiver_zpsfc49e2e0.jpg
Low-lying woodland near Cache la Poudre River, Fort Collins, Colorado
my little green lawn
dreams about the pampas grass
I dream of the stars*

even woodland water pools
are filled with sacred riddles

*Opening gambit by JazzBumpa of Retirement Pastels
Final two lines and photo © 2013 by Magical Mystical Teacher
More Shadow Shot Sunday 2
More Carpe Diem Tan Renga: “My Little Green Lawn”

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  1. That is little green…but better than nothing!

  2. I see the reflections of the trees in the water as well as the shadow .. the little green sprigs of grass are like kids playing near a puddle.
    Dead leaves scattered about , yet the insistence of life with greenery stomping it’s tiny feet.
    Joy : )

  3. Beautiful thoughts and image.

  4. Lovely shadow shot as always and the reflections on the water are so clear! Perfect picture of Autumn!! Have a great weekend!!

  5. Sacred riddles indeed. Love your love of nature.

  6. we just rid the lawn of hundreds of walnuts…the grass was a nice green underneath…and smelled heavenly…like spring. i shall keep that smell with me through the winter… lovely shot!!

  7. lovely photo, nice shadows and reflections in there

  8. Look for A Lovely Thing

    So sweet, the little woodland water pools. Love the word imagery, here. Well done!

  9. Indeed they are…..and contemplating those riddles is……well it is……..all!

  10. Beautiful sense of wild life closing down for a long shadowy dream. Magical stillness.

  11. I love this one so much, and also think it’s true.

  12. Nature can certainly sustain itself with courage under trying conditions. Nicely MMT!


  13. Wonderful shot and the riddle.

  14. Those riddling pools… very nice…

  15. Indeed. I search for riddles and answers every time I come upon a pool of water. We have several around here and I love skirting the edges looking into the depths to see what lives in them. Love the word sacred, too. Nice.

  16. Is life the sacred riddle?
    Will we find it among the stars?

  17. In resonance with the old pond of Basho … well done completion.

  18. Interesting that we all love to look for answers to these riddles posed by nature but are always stumped :-)Love this MMT!

  19. wonderful completion – now i see how nature always keeps us entertained…never dull, that is for sure. ☺

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